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Alternate Histories in Video Games

Analyze the use of alternate history in video games. Why is this a common trope? What are the effects on the player? What are the implications of doing this? Great examples would be Bioshock Infinite with it’s alternate dimensions ending, as well as Fallout 3’s alternate history which separates from ours in around the 1940’s. Thoughts?

  • I love this idea! My favorite video game of all time is Bioshock simply because the alternate histories and realities are so mind-blowing and it makes my head spin with possibilities. – Jenae 2 months ago
  • You could do an entire article on Assassin's Creed! Bioshock and Infinite are great examples because they capture the look, feel, and sounds of their distinct eras!Great Topic Idea! – SeanGadus 2 months ago
  • Several wartime FPS games like Call of Duty would also be a good example. – SarahKnauf 1 month ago
  • Great topic! It's engaging and would definitely interest a lot of readers. I believe working on 2 to 3 examples, analyzing the effects of the alternate histories, is a good way to write about this topic. – klepa 1 month ago
  • Very interesting idea. It could be said that the alternate timeline set in the game's story allows the combination of "the present-day," with elements from another distinct era, giving players something familiar, yet totally new/different. You could also bring in other game examples like "Wolfenstein" and the "Command and Conquer" series. – Jaeb512 1 month ago

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Latest Comments

Interesting article. I had never thought of Dark Souls challenge runs in this way so it was great to get this different perspective. I loved how you brought up player’s past experience with Souls games as a contributing factor in Dark Souls 3’s reception. Great Read!

Dark Souls: A Game of Two Genres

I like how you drew a clear difference between direct influence and a ‘mythos’ type of influence. It is a very interesting way of considering Tolkien’s effect on the fantasy RPG. Very good article!

The Influence of J.R.R. Tolkien on Modern Video Gaming

Greatly appreciated!

Are Video Games Worth Studying? (A Literary Perspective)

I loved both your history summary and your personal experiences. Especially important is your mention of the idea of ‘immersion’ in regards to music. Immersion is to me the most important goal of video games and music may be the biggest factor when it comes to pulling it off. Great read!

The Role of Music in Videogames

Loved the article, I couldn’t agree more with the points you brought up. It was really great to see Scott McCloud’s work used for video games, there are a lot of connections to be made! Are there any “further readings” you would recommend with regards to your article? I’d love to know!

Are Video Games Worth Studying? (A Literary Perspective)

Really liked one of the last things you said, about how Galef’s ideas are subjective to the genre and to the reader. I see many parallels between this and the whole “spoiler” phenomenon. I would be willing to guess that those who are very much proponents of rereading wouldn’t be as bothered by a potential “spoiler” as those who value first-time reading.

Why Reread Books? The Pros and Cons of Rereading

I liked your reference to the James Bond series. With those films the character of Bond seems to have an nonspecific mythology surrounding him. Everyone has a clear idea of who James Bond is but how that is shown and played out onscreen is different depending on the film/actor/story. I see the whole Marvel cinematic universe as very similar: there is a nonspecific mythology surrounding all of the superheroes. Again, everyone has some idea about how this universe works and what each character in them is like, but that idea is varied in interpretation. Consider how similar yet wildly different each interpretation of Spiderman has been.

Should Superhero Franchises have a Definite Ending

I really love this idea! Your article seems the perfect introduction into re-examining Disney princesses, rather than just dismissing them as is so often the case. I reckon that other people, having read this, will dig deeper into the subject. One thing that bothers me about the dismissal of Disney films (and princesses) is that the people dismissing are always boiling them down in neat, simple terms (the films are anti-feminist, have racist/sexist stereotypes, etc.). Yes, they could very well be thought of in those terms and feature those elements, but they are also packed with 50 other elements and viewpoints that should be thought through!

Feminism and Disney: They're Not As Different As You Might Think