Ryan Errington

Ryan Errington

Contributing writer for The Artifice. I have a deep interest in films, television and the arts.

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Freedom of Speech through Creative Mediums

What are the most relevant examples of free speech that has been expressed through creative mediums. Have they perfectly expressed their point or even crossed the line?

  • Could you be more specific in what you mean by relevant examples? Relevant to what? – LaRose 1 year ago
  • This sounds like it would be a timely topic. I would be interested in pursuing it especially with a view to looking at how comedians have brought about social change and have used political satire to respond to various views expressed by presidential candidates. Donald Trump has certainly challenged and some would say crossed the line in some of his comments. Is this what you had in mind?Also news reporting has become very politically correct in Canada. I regularly watch CNN and am impressed with the well-researched questions asked by various hosts. I have heard Alex Wagner a few time as well as others. In Canada we don't have anyone asking the touch questions and as a result the information conveyed is done in a very shallow and superficial way. At least in America, the topics relating race form a national dialogue.If you could clarify what take you wanted on this topic such as sticking with politics, comedy shows or news reporting, I would be interested in nabbing this topics.Thanks! – Munjeera 1 year ago
  • I think this is an interesting topic, but definitely needs to be narrowed to a more specific instance, as above, otherwise, it could just descend into soapboxing about when free speech is justified. So, this could focus on free speech in comedy (e.g. Louis C.K's Saturday Night Live appearance). I think whoever writes this up needs to qualify what is meant by creative mediums, especially when discussing something like politics, something which is usually confined to the news side of media. – Matthew Sims 1 year ago
  • Very interesting, you could add YouTube for this as well, since it is a creative medium to an extent and you get videos of just about anything. As long as it doesn't violate copyright, it stays up. – SpectreWriter 1 year ago

David Bowie as Creative Inspiration

How was Bowie’s own creativity through music and other mediums has also caused others to be influenced in their own work.

  • I recommend for researching this to look at recent comments made after this death. Many people have talked about how he was an inspiration. If the writer can find some of these examples he or she can look to that artist's work to find examples. One example I can think of off the top of my head was Broadway director Robert Jess Roth who directed the original production of Beauty and the Beast says that his biggest influence is rock gods like Bowie. This was reflected in the way he designed the Beast as more of a rock star than an animal. One example, but this is the KIND of research and evidence I suggest the writer uses. – Christen Mandracchia 1 year ago
  • I think it would be useful to mention his androgynout style inspiring lgbt rights and freedom. Also, he blew off his Hall of Fame induction. Perhaps look at that as a form of inspiration to not care about the hype? Then of course his creative and versatile music and his music videos! Find examples if how his musical style changed over time and the artists that credit him as an influence or at least adopted some of his style in their own art. – Robyn McComb 1 year ago
  • Lady GaGa has always said that David Bowie was a major influence for her music (to the point where she copied or used direct lines from his work). I myself have written a few pieces that were inspired by him. Even the 11th Doctor, Peter Capaldi, said that he based his Doctor Who wardrobe on David Bowie. – JennyCardinal 9 months ago
  • Dylan fan, mentioned by George Clinton, sampled by James Brown, and declined knighthood; truly one of the greats. – Tigey 8 months ago

What Are The Right Musical Instruments For Soundtracks

What type of musical instruments make for a perfect soundtrack? How does a specific musical instrument evoke specific emotions needed for a scene?

  • Cool. Maybe consider how the genre of the film can influence instrument selection? – chocmalt 2 years ago
  • Discussing the importance of genre and examining famous composers could be an interesting way to attack this. For example the difference between scoring horror and adventure blockbusters. The difference between Howard Shore's approach to Silence of the Lambs and the Lord of the Rings Series. Or the similar devices used by John Williams and Hans Zimmer to create memorable and iconic soundtracks. Horns and Violins seem to be imperative to their styles. – skairnagh 2 years ago
  • There's sort of a psychological aspect to this. Could certain instruments reinforce particular emotions or feelings in listeners? There are several big composers who came from rock bands who almost completely abandon that sound when they start to compose film music. (Hans Zimmer and Danny Elfman are two that come to mind.) Recently, there has been a huge shift to integrate electronic sounds into scores. An example that immediately comes to mind is the Facebook soundtrack, but one of the first early successful examples of this would be the sound track for Witness (starring Harrison Ford). You could explore the balance between familiar and new music and what kinds of films or TV shows these soundtracks are paired with. – dannyjs 2 years ago
  • Great topic. I can see someone breaking this down by movie genre. – Tigey 7 months ago
  • I wonder if there are necessary, fundamental differences in instrumentation. Couldn't any instrument theoretically be used in any film, provided it was done right? I'd genuinely be interested to hear someone's theory there. Promising stuff. – TKing 7 months ago
  • TKing, generally, I think you're right, but I can't imagine hearing a Jew's harp in, say, The King's Speech. – Tigey 6 months ago

Ten ways in which Shakespeare influenced literature

In the 400th anniversary of his death, how has Shakespeare’s works influenced literature and why is it still held in high regard today.

  • This is a very broad topic. I would recommend you slave off adaptations, even loose, in order to see purer influences. Are you looking more at themes (e.g. star-crossed, separated lovers) or traditions (e.g. cross-dressing confusion)? – IndiLeigh 10 months ago
  • I agree with IndiLeigh. I'd narrow it down or you'll be writing for another 400 years! – J.P. Shiel 9 months ago

Is Lady Chatterley's Lover Really Perverse?

Lady Chatterley’s Lover has had a reputation for being perverse in its sexual subject matter and use of descriptive language. However, does there need to be an understanding of the full narrative in order to contextualise what D.H. Lawrence’s ideas of characterisation were.

  • I'm not sure I follow. I certainly like your topic, but is there any way you could be either clearer or more focused within your initial topic? You topic title, to me, is not in accordance with your short description. – Alstroemeria 9 months ago

The Current Status of Traditional Music

Wherever it be folk music or another form of traditional music set in a specific geographic region, is there a danger of it being lost to commercial pop music? Why is traditional music important in representing a specific culture?

  • I believe you have hit an important note here, pun intended. Traditional music is important because it does represent an aspect of culture. It is important to preserve the music however, it is educational to have the music available to others. This is said with antiquated cultures in mind. Now to take it to a more current event. The urban culture has its own music and I am talking about Rap most specifically. This music is about urban culture and it has been capitalized to make money and much of the original Rap culture was about telling what life is like in this culture. Now it seems it is less about story more about commercial success. – Venus Echos 2 years ago

Celebrities' Autobiographies

What do readers look for when purchasing a celebrities autobiography? Do readers prefer sentimentalism or heart-felt stories.

Also, what are a celebrities’ aim for their autobiography?

  • It may helpful to compare and contrast the sordid "tell-alls" with more sophisticated, well-regarded autobiographies. Both can include raw, unpleasant material: but what would make one honest and personal, and the other sleaze sensationalism? – Luthien 1 year ago
  • I don't have the expertise to write this essay, but I would love to read it once it is written. Why DO people read celebrity biographies? – sophiacatherine 1 year ago
  • I think I can answer your question Sophia. To participate in the exciting lives of celebrities and live through them. – Munjeera 1 month ago

The Documentaries of Ken Burns

Ken Burns’ documentaries are known to be informative, containing many professionals on the subject discussed with any topics up for discussion. Which of his documentaries best reflect these qualities and their intentions of informing audiences?

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    Latest Comments

    Ryan Errington

    There certainly is a universal appeal within Forrest Gump in regards to its storytelling i.e. connecting historical events and incorporating them to a relatable character.

    Forrest Gump: An Undying Flame
    Ryan Errington

    Thanks dreawilk. Nice to see the article is appreciated.

    The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn: Analysing its Racial Context and Reception
    Ryan Errington

    Great article. Have longed been an admirer of French New Wave films.

    The French New Wave
    Ryan Errington

    Taste of Cherry was an intriguing film in terms of its characterisation, letting audiences truly explore the character.

    The Cinema of Abbas Kiarostami: The Legacy Lives On
    Ryan Errington

    Quite surprised to see I Spit on Your Grave being referred to positively in regards to female empowerment. This has also my argument, although many critics have argued to opposite based on Jennifer using sexuality as part of her revenge. I never understood this argument since Jennifer’s use of sexuality during the revenge stage shows how she was able to exploit the rapists’ horrific attitudes and make them pay.

    Final Girl: Horror, Action, and Gender
    Ryan Errington

    Very true. There seems to be many vloggers who simply talk about themselves become extremely popular.

    Vlogging: The New Genre of Television Entertainment
    Ryan Errington

    It certainly does help with its setting (apartment block) from the protagonist’s restricted viewpoint, the surrounding environment upping the suspense and paranoia.

    Male Protagonists in Hitchcock Films
    Ryan Errington

    I feel this is because they have been overpowered by the more established characters in understanding how to survive. There have been many episodes of Alexandria residents who were either non-responsive and/or in denial about how brutal their world is outside their walls, sometimes at the expense of their life. Hence why the established characters have been prominent in overshadowing newer characters.

    The Walking Dead: Rick vs Deanna