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While I quietly wait for a really good excuse to go on an interstate mayhem spree, I read comics and watch movies. While I do the "writing" here, my wife makes it readable.
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The Marvel Cinematic Universe: What has Been, What to Expect

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The new phase of Marvel movies is here! Let's look back and forward to what is coming...

Lost to History: Film and Television We May Never See Again

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Things That Embarrass Me About Being a Comics Fan

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As great as they can be, comics are sometimes a little embarrassing and hard to defend.

Current State of the Comic Book Industry: Marvel NOW!

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Current state of the comic book industry: DC and the New 52, two years in…

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Missing in action: Unfinished comics that left us hanging

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Hey what happened to that series? Missing a comic you were waiting for? Here are some famous missing comics.