Richard Marcil

Richard Marcil

Richard Marcil holds a B.A. in history from the University of Michigan and an M.A. in history from Wayne State University.

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    How Flashback Broke New Ground

    Flashback:The Quest for Identity was radically different from the rest of 1992’s gaming crop. Pseudo-cinematic cutscenes, a complex plot, remarkably smooth animation, and creative game mechanics made the game unforgettable for anyone who played it. While its sequel and remake failed miserably and poisoned the property, the original game remains brilliant and preceded the modern trend toward games with more serious stories and characters. This article should explore these aspects of the game as well as how echoes of the game are present in today’s games.

    • One of my personal favorites from then. You could also look into the Another World game series and how widely Flashback was ported across consoles and computers. – Misagh 7 months ago

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    Richard Marcil

    yikes. i have no clue what this article is about. is this author trying to say that this game, “mafia” influenced tarantino? or that the film resembles the game in some way? and if that’s so, then so what? there’s no coherent thesis here, just a lot of vague assertions.

    Reservoir Dogs: The Game and Deception
    Richard Marcil

    Wait, Joker is a great villain because he “is very patriotic”?


    I also love how three of these points — ”There’s no method to his madness,” ”Joker does not need a plan to succeed,” and “Joker is unpredictable” — are literally synonymous.

    This terrifically lazy writing.

    Why The Joker Is The Best Villain We Have Ever Seen
    Richard Marcil

    “The Pokémon universe is very similar to the real world” — how? and what is “the Animals in Captivity Debate” anyway?

    the Farfetch’d “pokedex entry suggests that it, “makes for a delicious meal,”and this has lead [sic] to it’s near extinction.” — how is this connected to the real world? are there people who refuse to eat pokemon in the pokemon world? are there people who don’t eat animals in the real world? are their reasons for doing so the same or different?

    “It is here were [sic] Pokémon has been compared to “cock fighting,” and “dog fighting.” ” — would’ve been interested in hearing more on this.

    Pokémon and the Animals in Captivity Debate
    Richard Marcil

    this is by far the best article i’ve ever read on the artifice.

    An Inkwell’s Symbolic Influence on the Civil Rights Decisions of John Marshall Harlan
    Richard Marcil

    i’m confused. first, the author says “Recently, influential director Hayao Miyazaki, made a claim that ‘anime was a mistake.'” then later, the author says “In truth, this quote has been created to generalize what Miyazaki stated in early 2014.” by whom has it “been created”? towards the end of the article, the author refers again to “Miyazaki’s statement.” did miyazaki say “anime was a mistake” or not?

    i’m also interested in the alleged “wide variety of responses for[sic] anime fans and detractors alike.” what responses did this quote/non-quote meet with?

    A Response To Miyazaki: The Dark Side of Anime
    Richard Marcil

    great point. hadn’t thought of it that way.

    Frank Miller's Return To Batman Comics
    Richard Marcil

    “Morales draws on the horrors of the Tuskegee Airmen; a secret project in which the American Government pretended to treat African American soldiers for syphilis, while instead infecting them without consent and essentially letting them die.”

    The Tuskegee Airmen were actually an all-black military flight unit during World War II. The Tuskegee syphilis study is the project Morales gestures to in his work. The project did not actually infect participants with syphilis, although it did monitor the progression of the disease without treating it.

    How Isaiah Bradley and Steve Rogers Define Captain America Through Race
    Richard Marcil

    interesting topic but this article would have benefited tremendously from a good copy-edit.

    Sexuality in American Superhero Comics