Rick and Morty - Taking TV Animation by Storm

Although only 2 seasons in, Rick and Morty has already established itself as one of the best TV animation shows in this generation. But why is it so popular? The nostalgia it gives as it resembles "Back to the Future"? The colorful animations? The writing style? Analyze why Rick and Morty is becoming more and more popular.

  • There's really no going wrong with a Rick and Morty topic. The show is teeming with all kinds of topics to be discussed and dismantled. Literally anything from the ending scenes from the Season Two finale to the opening credit scene from Episode 1 can be dismantled and discussed. A heavy focus on the reality and writing of the show could really make for a wonderful article. – MatthewP93 2 months ago
  • The writing has a lot to do with it. I can't recall the source, but I remember an article referring to Rick and Morty as one of the smartest shows on television. The sci-fi mixed with suburban drudgery may reflect upon the cult shows such as Family Guy, Futurama, and even the really weird adult swim series such as Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Robot Chicken--which may be one factor contributing to its popularity. Also, creator Justin Roiland has risen to popularity since his Mr. Sprinkles web series, voicing Lemongrab in Adventure Time and other characters on various networks. Nostalgia--yes. The writing style--undoubtedly! And the growing fans are all eagerly awaiting the upcoming season! – DrownSoda 2 months ago

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