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Importance of 'The Goat' by Edward Albee

How far can social taboos be pushed? Analyzing the affair, bestiality, and pedophilia. Furthering with Aristotle’s six elements of theatre and the three unities.

    Taken by DrownSoda (PM) 2 weeks ago.

    Race and Film

    Analysis of films as they relate centrally to race as a primary lens.

    • Examples? – Darcy Griffin 9 months ago
    • Hmmm...what comes to mind is actually Disney's recent film, Zootopia. Totally hilarious, classic Disney fare. But also a pretty clear race allegory, as many reviewers have noticed. Gets to the heart of racialized discourse: are people of certain races (or in Zootopia's case, bunnies) inherently passive, while others (see wolves in the film) are aggressive and still others (see foxes) sneaky and conniving? Of course not, but these are the assumptions we inherit and perpetuate, even on the subtlest levels. Ruminating on these topics in animated form is, I think, rather ingenious. – alissac 9 months ago
    • There are a ton of different ways this could go. Some specification is probably needed: films from a certain era? Country or region? About certain race(s)? Different genres? There are a lot of different factors that will affect the role race plays in a movie. – chrischan 9 months ago
    • Qu'Allah bénisse la France (2014) a French film, shot in black & white that takes a look at the racism, France's well-known unemployment issue as well as heavy drug use and how these factors affect the youngsters in a devastating manner. The film is based on a true story. – oksly 9 months ago