The Winds of Winter: 12 Major Plot Points to Anticipate

6. Daenerys Reforms Her Long Lost Khalasar


Daenerys final moments in ADWD saw her being discovered by Khal Jhaqo and his great khalasar amidst the Dothraki Sea. Khal Jhaqo formerly gave patronage to Khal Drogo as a kos within his khalasar, only to declare himself Khal upon the eve of Drogo’s illness. Khal Jhaqo’s head Bloodrider, Mago was recently confirmed by Martin as a recurring character in TWOW in spite of his death in the TV series. Disregarding this, I believe it’s accurate to assume that the final verdict spells out a grizzly end for Khal Jhaqo and Mago. This signposting Daenerys quote from A Game of Thrones lends the assumption sturdy support:

“It was a cruel fate, yet not so cruel as Mago’s will be. I promise you that, by the old gods and the new, by the lamb god and the horse god and every god that lives. I swear by the Mother of Mountains and the Womb of the World. Before I am done with them, Mago and Ko Jhaqo will plead for the mercy they showed Eroeh.” – Daenerys (A Wiki of Ice and Fire)

By the time of Daenerys’ TWOW reintroduction, I expect Drogon to have singed Jhaqo, Mago and a chunk of their forces at the command of Daenerys. As you will know, the Dothraki don’t bow to bloodlines, the Dothraki bow to strength and ample leadership. Therefore the fear of Daenerys and Drogon’s power will assuredly compel Jhaqo’s stolen khalasar to flock back to their original Khaleesi. Where then will Daenerys take her new found army of screaming savages?

If Daenerys’ plot progression doesn’t immediately take her to Westeros I won’t be disappointed, in fact I wouldn’t be too let down if Daenerys never sets foot on the shores of Westeros. On the other hand I will be disgruntled if Daenerys’ arch stagnates as poorly as it did in ADWD. I’m getting a heavy impression that Dany will come to realize that Westeros holds no true sentimental value to her in TWOW, in spite of Illyrio and Viserys ceaselessly trying to convince her otherwise, which may irritate the majority of readers. Daenerys returning to her beloved house with the red door may well be the bittersweet ending George Martin has repeatedly referenced too, and that is an ending I would be pleased with.

5. A Highly Controversial Sansa Chapter


In a recent interview with Vulture, Elio Garcia – the webmaster of and the corresponding A Wiki of Ice and Fire page – hinted at a very controversial, unreleased Sansa chapter that he was handed in a proof reading process by George Martin himself. Here is the relevant quote if you’ve had trouble finding it:

“And yes, that means [Elio's] read parts of book six, The Winds of Winter — including a Sansa chapter that is sure to be controversial.” – Vulture Magazine

The nature of this controversy is tricky to pinpoint; I doubt I will ever say this again but, I completely doubt the chapter is controversial because Sansa dies – at least in the physical sense. Along with a bulk of the community, I’m presuming that Sansa’s imminent bedding, whether it’s shared with Harry the Heir or the slimy Petyr Baelish, will be the focal point of the controversy.

Although we haven’t met Harry the Heir, enough titbits of information have been shared regarding him in AFFC for us to reach the conclusion that Sansa will be far from infatuated with him. Harry the Heir’s promiscuity and scheming tendencies, whilst not attractive, will avert Sansa’s gaze from being distracted by romance, granting her the opportunity to disillusion herself and become the player in the game she needs to be. An uncomfortable battle beneath the sheets with Harrold might prove to be Sansa’s crowning moment of personal progression.

George Martin is unfortunately susceptible to opt for unseen soul shattering tragedy; Littlefinger raping Sansa on-page would fit the bill, but would feel like a step too far, even for George Martin. If I remember correctly, Littlefinger has often remarked on Sansa’s resemblance of her mother Catelyn – whose hand he nearly died for – whilst transferring his previous affections for Catelyn onto her daughter, which aligns him with the very definition of creepy. Thankfully Littlefinger isn’t very liable to risk jeopardizing his grand plans for power to satisfy his base desires. Sansa is safe from his clutches, at least for now.

4. Tyrion Regains a Position of Power

Tyrion Lannister

By the end of Tyrion’s arch in ADWD, he had slipped free from the stranglehold of his late Yunkish slave master Yezzan Zo Qaggaz, immediately securing safety amongst Brown Ben Plumm’s Second Sons following brash promises to bestow large sums of Casterly Rock’s gold upon the company, for a price. In accordance with brief fan notes from the EasterCon reading of an early Tyrion chapter, our Lion of Lannister will be persistent in trying to convince Brown Ben to turn his cloak back to Daenerys cause. Absent of Dany’s assistance and strength, the Second Sons have only a fleeting hope of seizing the grand Lannister seat of Casterly Rock.

Tyrion’s powers of persuasion will make swaying Plumm around to his mindset a mere stepping stone; Tyrion’s true challenge rests in gaining Daenerys trust. The Dwarf’s Lannister heritage will immediately sow a seed of doubt in Daenerys’ mind, but if Tyrion falls at Dany’s feet alongside her keen lover Daario – whom he’d had a keen interest in saving during the reading of his TWOW chapter – the Dragon Queen will surely hear him out.

Tyrion will not dawdle if he is given the opportunity of an audience with the Mother of Dragons. Telling the hard truth concerning Dany’s demented father – The Mad King Aerys – will be his first course of action because it would be the surest way of gaining her trust. Better still it would allure her into adding her desperately required forces to his own during the planned sacking of Casterly Rock, which I’m suspecting to be initiated from the east as it would allow Dany to pursue her career as the Breaker of Chains.

You should anticipate Tyrion to be Daenerys’ most trusted adviser by the mid-point of TWOW, and if 1500 pages will allow enough room for progression in Daenerys’ own story line, you may even see him assuming his rightful place at the head of the Lannister heritage.

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  1. Where to begin. The main key in Winds of Winter is to group all the diverse POV’s and remove unnecessary ones. Dany, Victarion, Barristan, Tyrion can all meet and have a plot told from only Tyrion and Dany’s POV, the north can all be condensed down to Theon, the Wall to Jon, Kings Landing to Cersei. Then if we can see some serious progression and action from these smaller number of plots… and ultimately we need to see the story take a serious contraction on its way to the end. Anyway I’ll buy you a beer when we cross paths, this is a beast article.

    • Thanks very much for the compliment, I’ll gladly take the beer! I like multiple POV’s in one region in some instances. Having Barristan and Dany’s views on events in Meereen will be great because of the contrasting characters in my opinion, but I agree that POV’s in the north could be condensed, perhaps to Theon and Davos.

      • I don’t see how you could not have Arya POV chapters as well.

  2. There is definitely lots of ground to cover in TWOW. As of right now we have 20 POV’s remaining (assuming no new ones are introduced), so there are major things happening all across the board. I believe in G. Martin, we are in good hands.

    • Well, contrary to what many believe, I don’t think a POV needs to disappear by killing off the character. I think GM should use POVs according to the needs of the story, so that if a POV is no longer necessary he can just fade away. For example, Areo Hotah and Victarion can just become background characters without dying. Then we can get new POVs like the Sand Snakes.

  3. Kelsey Clark

    Great read. It shall be definitely exciting to see what’s to come. Well done!

  4. Marlon Shingles

    Really good to read, been a while since I read Winds of Winter. Completely forgot how many exciting stories we finished on. As Mathew said above, we also have the Sand Snakes to hear from!

    • The Winds of Winter isn’t out yet.

      • He meant a Dance with Dragons

  5. Awesome read and great insight. Two things I’m seeing differently is Dany’s trust for Tyrion and the Iron Born. I think Quaithe’s warning to not trust the lion or the kraken will hold true and Dany might try to dispose of the people mentioned in Quaithe’s foresight. Therefore I do not believe Tyrion will have a good ending in TWOW.

    I’m also firmly under the belief that Jon Snow will be revived by Melisandre the same way Beric Dondarrion was by Thoros. And I think Melisandre will also live to advise him and might even praise him as the new Lord of Light. I think there will be some new light shed on who Jon Snow’s parents actually are, thus making him key to the true fight to come.

    • If Dany puts her trust in Quaithe’s phrophetic advise, couldn’t Victarion and Tyrion head for Casterly Rock together and thus both remain forces to be reckoned with?

      Lovely article by the way, I really can’t wait for this read.

      • I don’t think it’s going to end that way, if that happens. If Dany decides against Tyrion and the Iron Born, I would think that’s the end for all of them. She’ll have dragons that have grown by now to wipe anyone out.

        • And that’s why I think Dany is toast. GRRM has made it pretty evident that this series is going to destroy most obvious fantasy tropes. Dany is really the only plot-line that has been a 100% Mary Sue fantasy plot-line. expect her to leave us the way Robb did.

          • I totally agree … if she reaches Kings Landing she’ll die in sight of the Iron Throne or the Red Keep never reaching it.
            It would be non-martin-like to let “Aegon the Conqueror with teats” reach anything she wants and is more or less expected to achieve.
            There was one Aegon I already in the story, there won’t be another.

  6. I think the battle for Winterfell will be a very interesting one. Another point of note that should be considered are the Ravens Stannis Baratheon managed to get his hands on from the Dreadfort Maester travelling with the now dealt with Karstark men who planned to betray Stannis. They will fly straight to Winterfell. As far as Bolton is concerned the Karstarks are still planning to betray Stannis. I highly suspect that if Stannis wins his battle on the Ice, he will use these Ravens to send false reports of a Ramsay victory to Winterfell, perhaps using this false information to gain entrance to Winterfell under false banners. If Stannis could pull this off, he could get inside the walls of Winterfell without having to siege it, which is something he cannot contemplate at this point given the freezing conditions.

  7. I am not sure the warging prologue is about Jon. Bran is a warg too, even if he is becoming a greenseer or whatever they are called. GRRM has claimed all of the Starks are wargs, so it could be Arya or Rickon too. Nymeriah is still out there and Arya has at least dreamed of being in her skin. Plus, she has lost her identity anyway to some extent so if she somehow gets into Nymeriah she would have even more trouble maintaining a hold on herself.

    • Nymeria is Arya’s link to her former self. She is now just Beth or Cat. She is a faceless man who has no identity. If she starts having warg dreams then that means that she’s coming in touch with her true self

      • When was the last time you read the books? Arya wargs into Nymeria every night. She notes as she’s blind that she can only see when she’s “the night wolf”. Every night she wargs into Nymeria. Arya just doesn’t know it and calls her the “night wolf” instead.
        That’s a huge reason why Arya hasn’t lost her identity. Note how she uses her anger at her father’s death to force herself to assassinate the man she’s supposed to. She also has a nightmare of the deaa bodies of her family on one of the last pages of her most recent chapter. She has an identity, that’s why the Kindly Man and everyone calls her out for lying every time she says she’s “no one”.

  8. I enjoyed the article, and I agree about Izembaro possibly being Tobho Mott (the comment you linked to was actually mine). Here are some major events I think you missed.

    1. Euron’s Fleet vs The Redwyne Fleet – We know the Redywne fleet was dispatched following the sacking of Dragonstone to deal with Euron and his ironborn. In an Arianne preview chapter we are told the Redywnes have already passed through the Stepstones, and so are well on their way to Oldtown where the ironborn currently reside. Euron’s forces are sorely outgunned by the Redywnes.
    Personally, I’ve speculated that Euron employs a combination of a naval trap (a la the real-life Battle of Salamis) and uses his Quartheen warlocks to create a storm and thin out the Redywne fleet.

    2. The Dornish Make Their Moves – Last we knew the very dangerous Nymeria Sand was sent along with Myrcella and the equally dangerous, but disguised Tyene Sand to King’s Landing to occupy Oberyn’s vacant seat on the small council. We also know that Doran had knowledge that there was a plan to ambush this return trip and have Trystane Martell killed in retaliation for Myrcella’s maiming, and to relieve her of the betrothal.
    The plan was to blame this attack on Tyrion, but Doran was informed (most likely by Varys imo) ahead of time. Doran has now sent Arianne to treat with Aegon and pursue a marriage with him. Although Aegon seems to want to wait for Dany, so it remains to be seen how this will turn out.
    Personally I think the Dornish are chomping at the bit to make a move and will hop onto team Aegon in some fashion. I also think they will attempt to pursue an alliance with the High Septon and that once the move is made, the Dornish will leave King’s Landing in grand fashion by leaving a gift in the form of a dead Tommen.

    3. The Volantene Slave Revolt – There have been a great deal of rumblings regarding the Volantenes and where their true loyalties lie. Officially their massive fleet (estimated by Victarion to be from 300-500 warships) is headed to Meereen in opposition to Dany. But we know between Benerro and Moqorro that there is a slave revolt in the works. From a logistical standpoint it also answers the question of just how Dany intends to make it to Westeros.
    The Iron Fleet is way too small to transport Dany’s forces, especially if she acquires a sizable khalasar. It is mostly smaller longships not meant for transport. The Volantene fleet is just what Dany needs to realistically enter the Westerosi arena.
    Unlike the article I strongly disagree that Dany remains on the other side of the Narrows. She will likely linger there some time longer, but there have been far too many hints about a second Dance of the Dragons between Dany and Aegon. I suspect Dany sets foot on Westerosi soil by the latter half of TWOW.

    4. Dany Moves Backward Before Going Forward – I think Dany’s last chapter suggests she will head back to Vaes Dothrak (which I don’t think she is that far from). With the Dothraki Sea drying up I suspect many of the major khalasars have headed back to their only city for refuge.
    At book end we see Dany before Khal Jhaqo’s khalasar (which I think she will take from him), but the largest khalasar that split from Drogo’s was Khal Pono’s. It was last seen near Volantis, but I think Dany may come across it and add it to her own in Vaes Dothrak. Plus there is the vision of wat I suspect to be the dosh khaleen that Dany had in the House of the Undying.

    • Your second prediction is definitely one I can imagine coming to fruition. Cersei awaking to the seemingly random death of Tommen would be a very George Martin-esque tragedy, and I imagine Aegon will side with the Dornish through a marriage alliance, if he actually listens to Connington’s advice.

      I’m also having second thoughts about the whole ‘Dany not reaching Westeros’ thing. You’re right a second Dance of Dragons does look like it’s in the pipeline for ADOS.

      Thanks for the great input!

      • What happens if Aegon is not a Targaryen, then what would happen then. And if Jon was a Targaryen as well, then who would be fit for the throne? And what would Dany do with all this?

        • I think that Dany, Aegon, and Jon will be the 3 heads of the dragon. They are the only possible Targaryns left. I also think Jon will be the most important. If it’s true that he came from Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryn then he truly is Fire and Ice!!

          • That would be totally epic way to end the series or really good twist because it’s called the song of ice and fire and rhaegar I think was supposed to be a good singer. not sure

    • Khal Jhaqo obtained the largest portion of Khal Drogo’s khalasar after the Drogo’s death.

      “But in the Red Waste, all her joy had turned to ashes. Her sun-and-stars had fallen from his horse, the maegi Mirri Maz Duur had murdered Rhaego in her womb, and Dany had smothered the empty shell of Khal Drogo with her own two hands. Afterward Drogo’s great khalasar had shattered. Ko Pono named himself Khal Pono and took many riders with him, and many slaves as well. Ko Jhaqo named himself Khal Jhaqo and rode off with even more. ” – ADWD

      • The Dothraki exchanged uncertain glances. “Khaleesi,” the handmaid Irri explained, as if to a child, “Jhaqo is a khal now, with twenty thousand riders at his back.” -AGOT

        “The last reports had Pono near the headwaters of the Selhoru with a khalasar of thirty thousand.” -ADWD

        I suppose it’s possible that Jhaqo gained more than 10K riders for his khalasar since AGOT, but based on the most recent specific numbers Pono appears to have the larger khalasar.

  9. Am I the only one who can only see 10, 11 and 12? Where are 9 through 1? Maybe its my browser or something.

    • Disregard the above, it was my browser. :p

  10. >passed

    I think you mean “past”, Mr. Walker.

    • And I managed to misspell ‘Jaime’ as ‘Jamie’.

  11. Kathryn Talbot

    What an excellent article- I am even more excited now! I have read a lot of GOT stuff in the past few days, but this is by far superior. Well done!

  12. It had been speculated on the ASOIAF forums that whatever spells were warding Storm’s End are broken following the little trip of Sir Davos and Mel under its caverns, the birth of a shadow and murder of the castelan Penroy. By and large, it appears Sir Davos – the savior of Storm’s End – is also the instrument of its demise. The caste still stands strong, but visions of Melisandre of crumbling towers at the sea are what foreshadows its demise. So, connecting the dots, Aegon is almost sure to take Storm’s End.

  13. Well there are three things that I want to comment on so I will put it neatly in a list like yours :)

    1) This is an outstanding article! Very well researched and sourced info correctly by adding credits and discussed your points elegantly. Your style of writing is very impressive. Definitely best article on The Winds of Winter so far.

    2) It is no surprise that your article went to the very top of Reddit’s Game of Thrones subreddit page yesterday:
    Actually it has almost as many upvotes as that fan theories post which is very cool and totally deserving.

    3) I have been browsing and reading articles on this site and I have to give praise where its due. Each and every article here is top frikking quality. I swear I read an article involving unicorns that completely took me away. Anyway unlike all other sites, you all don’t publish any fillers or just mirrors of what we can find everywhere. Impressive.

    Keep it up :) Cheers!

  14. The biggest threat to Cersei is the Iron Bank of Braavos. They’re calling in their debts – and the Iron Throne owes an enormous amount that the Lannisters probably can’t cover without bankrupting themselves. Plus, the Iron Bank has chosen to support Stannis. Even if she gets out of her immediate threat of her trial by combat, and manages to keep the Tyrells and Aegon at bay, her terrible finances will do her in for good.

    Sansa’s controversial chapter: I think she’ll “accidentally” give SweetRobin too much sweet sleep and kill him. It’ll be a situation that she believes will be a mercy.

    Osha: Natalia Tena – ugh. In the books Osha is an interesting character, Natalia turned her into an annoying weirdo. I wanted Meera to stick a spear in her and be done with it.

    • The Braavosi bank may call upon the faceless men to take care of this problem…

    • You’re clearly missing something if you think Natalia Tena is wrong for the part. I may not have read the books, but I’m a huge fan of the series and I just happened to read an article quoting G.R.R. Martin & the producters saying she is doing such an amazing job bringing life to this caracter that they’re actually creating more time for her on screen (AND in the story). She may be a weirdo but definitely not annoying.
      Thank you to the author by the way, great article, your theories are really interesting =)

  15. Nice article!

    Some other things I’m keen to see…

    1. What is Jaqen H’ghar doing at The Citadel, and what will Sam do to help or hinder him?

    2. What will Bran do with the weirwood system?

    3. Is Loras Tyrell really near death, or is it a trick? If so, what is the Tyrell play?

    • a guess on your second question i think jon snow and bran will meet again. And bran being able to see into the past, present and future will tell jon who his real parents are… maybe.


  16. My question is : if Cersei and the Boltons/Freys are defeated ….there will be no more bad guys .
    Its true that the beauty of ASOIAF are the “grey” characters but i feel the lacking of strong evil characters with the departure of Tywin and Joffrey .
    The White walkers yes are the main bad guys but are so little talked about that is easy to forget them !!
    My bet : a massacre of the Tyrrel family made by Cersei’s men ( a bit like the Huguenots massacre in France )

  17. Superb article, my only addition would be Bran’s storyline, but it seems like Im one of the few interested in what role he has to play.

  18. George RR Martin has bee quoted “What lies really north in my books—we haven’t explored that yet, but we will in the last two books.”

    I’m wondering which characters are likely to explore this region. My thoughts are that no one will either have the time and survivability in the super-extreme cold of “further north”. My candidates are:

    Bran – with his warging ability and network of weirwoods at his disposal, Bran can almost go anywhere. I doubt Bran, Meera or Jojen will physically move from where they are, especially further north.

    Daenerys – “To go north, you must journey south. To reach the west, you must go east. To go forward you must go back, and to touch the light you must pass beneath the shadow.”

    Daenerys is able to travel faster than any person in the known world due to her vehicle of choice; Drogon. Luckily for her, Drogon also provides a source of heat to negate the harsh cold of the north.

    After the battle of Meereen, Deaneries’ cause will have a great army and an Ironborn fleet. Her cause could very well split and travel different routes en course to Westeros.

  19. Jon is undoubtebly not the bastard of Eddard, rather the son of Lyanna and Rhaegar. The clues in GOT are numerous, so Jon must be the ice and Dany the Fire.. this is after all called a song of ICE and FIRE. Either as enemies or allies Dany and Jon Snow will have some kind of contact I am certain.

    • If Jon was the son of Lyanna and Rhaegar, if the two were not married then Jon would still be an illegitimate son of the Starks, but if the two did get married then would he be stark or a Targaryen? And would he be able to rule Winterfell and the Iron Throne because he is a man of the Night`s watch. Assuming the Jon does survive being stabbed. And I wonder if he lives or dies he will somehow meet Lady Stoneheart when he learns bout his true parentage, and if he could tell her that he wasn`t a son of Eddard Stark at all.

      • Jon would be a Targaryen. First of all he would have no claim to winterfell. Lets assume that Bran and/or Rickon survive until the end of the series- a pretty safe assumption I think. One of them would be Lord of Winterfell before Jon anyway (legitimized bastards take lordship after there are no more trueborn sons). I Guess he would have the right to winterfell if Bran and Rickon die or are believed to be dead (live or die I think its safe to say neither Bran nor Jojen Reed are coming back from beyond the wall).

        As for the Iron Throne, the dragon has three heads. Who says that all three of them (Aegon, Dany, and Jon) can’t share power? Thats how Aegon the Conqueror did it. He was king in name, but his sisters held most of the real power, handling the day to day running of the kingdom.

        As for Jon’s membership in the Night’s Watch, I’m pretty surprised to not see anyone mention this: who says the Nights Watch still exists by the end of the books? I can totally see them disbanding by the end of ADOS. Think about it: if the Others are defeated once and for all, there will be no point in the Nights Watch existing anymore. Jon would have nothing to which to keep his oath. What makes me think this is the most likely semi-obvious resolution to the plot is that Jon would never break his vows to the Watch, but GRRM made a HUGE, HYOOOGE foreshadow for Jon’s future in ADWD. Crows sometimes spout out words that they overhear (“Corn!” is a popular one). the one time a crow says more than one word at a time it says, “Jon Snow king.” GRRM doesn’t just drop hints like that on a whim.

        • Its implied that Rob named Jon as heir to Winterfell, and therefore his legitimacy stems from there. The vows of the Night’s Watch are “until death”. Jon may die temporarily but assuming he is resurrected, he will be free from his vows to the Nights Watch.

      • if jon is still alive who will tell him the truth is bran, that will discover this by his contact with the heart trees

  20. Regarding Jon’s “Caesar moment” and possible future “resurrection moment” … Varamyr Sixskins lived 10 lives as a warg … or at least he experienced 9 separate deaths during his existence. I wonder if Jon possesses this same gift.

  21. Corrie Parks

    I am eagerly awaiting the reunion of Arya with Nymeria. I’m pretty sure that is going to happen at some point and the consequences will be monumental.

  22. Joe Harker

    This is a great article, touches on most of the big things I think we will see in TWOW.

    I really do think that if any more characters die the Great Houses are finished. The Starks don’t seem to be getting anywhere anymore, at least not until Rickon Stark grows up, The Tyrells look to be in a strong position but their own hold over Highgarden is weak and their younger members need to start having kids soon to keep the family going. The Arryns are pretty much gone, as I don’t think Little Sweetrobin has much time left. The Lannisters are a large family but they’ve been chipped away and there aren’t many younger members left to keep the dynasty. The Baratheons are down to Stannis and Shireen and Tommen and Myrcella (not real Baratheons I know). The Tullys may survive through Edmure and Roslin.

    The Greyjoys have few young members left, Asha is in the clutches of Stannis and I don’t think Theon will be continuing the line anytime soon. Both Euron and Victarion are a bit old now too. The Martells seem to be the only ones with any strong future… for now. George is always watching.

    As for the Targaryens, Daenerys cannot bear children anymore so cannot establish a dynasty that survives her and Aegon is still young and all it takes is for him to die and his cause is gone. We all know how easily one person can die…

    As for who I think should take the throne, Stannis. The Baratheons had a legitimate claim to the throne and Stannis is the rightful heir to Robert. The Lannisters plotting has caught up with them and the Tyrells connection to the throne is entirely based on Tommen. Daenerys provides no future and has lost all support in Westeros now Aegon is on the scene, he has a better claim than her anyway.

    • Sweetrobin will survive everyone. Since Sansa has been taking care of him, he grows stronger everyday. She encourages him to be brave, supposedly to protect her, so he becomes more confident and stops shaking so much. It was clearly his over-protective mother that was making him weak, nervous and sick. Soon enough he will no longer need taking drugs.

    • Dany might not be permanently infertile. When Mirri “castrated” Dany she gave a whole bunch of things that would happen before she conceives again (“When the sun rises in the west”) all of which are supernatural. This series has a supernatural bent. I’d be willing to bet that Dany will be capable of having kids again.

      Assuming GRRM doesn’t decide to fuck with all of us by killing her off in the prologue to TWOW

      • When the sun rises in the west aka when House Martell takes power in Westeros.

        • OMG this comment may my day, never tough about that

    • Hi from Spain!

      You say “I don’t think Theon will be continuing the line anytime soon”… Well, I like to think Theon has become our particular ASoIaF Smeagol, and like in TLOTR, he will have his stellar moment at the end… when will that come? No idea, but it would be awesome to see him change into Gollum in a future encounter with Ramsay Snow… maybe he could bite and rip one finger off Ramsay’s hand! :P

  23. Bill Scheggia

    I don’t know how many years have passed or what age Rickon is now, but hopefully when they re-introduce him he’s more than a match for the new Aegon. Rickon comes of age on Skagos, grows up among warriors, looks undeniably like Ned/Cat, and returns home with Davos to unite the North. They could call him the Vengeful Wolf or something.

    • not to mention that if Jon somehow survives, he’ll support Rickon as well

    • Now that is an awesome idea I would love to see it done but I honestly think its not gonna happen, Rickon is 6 years old in the first season, assuming they’ve grown at least one or two year since the beginning, even if GRRM does what he said he would like to do and make a time-jump of 5 years in the story, Rickon would only be like 14, 15 years old top in the last book. I hardly think that’s enough to become a proper swordman and unite the north… But I still think he will have an important part to play in the story before the end =)

      • Robb was 14 years old when he was named King in the North

  24. I just finished A Dance with Dragons, and finally allowed myself to read this article! You bring up very excellent points; I hadn’t even considered Bolton’s bluff and assumed that something had gone horribly wrong. I also figured this was the (surprise) end for Jon, but the hint at warging did leave me wondering. So many storylines to follow up on, and the next book is so far away! It’s worse than the wait for Harry Potter…
    Otherwise, awesome article, fantastic details! Can’t wait to see which predictions come true.

  25. Great article. I just can’t wait to see how these plots develop in the book.

    Regarding Sansa, I have a strong hunch that she will rebel against Littlefinger, based on what we saw of her “new” personality in her last chapter. I think the reason most fans are starting to like Sansa a lot more lately is that she shows up as a competent, grown-up woman. To me, she just wants to live a simple, quiet, happy (in a way) life taking care of Robert; she doesn’t want to play the game which took away all her family anymore (also, she’s terrible at it). That’s why I think she’s not particularly eager to get involved in Littlefinger’s plan, especially considering she also seem to have developed a strong affection to the irritating, spoiled little Robert, so I don’t think she will be OK with Petyr’s thinly veiled plan to murder the boy.

    I’m dying to see how Sansa’s story turns out. I think she will become a major character (not that she was unimportant, but you know what I mean) soon.

    • Hola!

      What about a marriage between Sansa and young Aegon ?

      Stark and Targaryen… Ice and Fire… would that work?

  26. Do you think that Howland Reed will make his first appearance in the next book or the book after that, and reveal what happened that day with Lyanna?

    • I’m becoming increasingly convinced that he might rear his head by the end of TWOW, but George Martin may push his arrival back to ADOS, it’s hard to say honestly.

  27. Any guess as to what might happen with Greatjon Umber and Marq Piper?

  28. kill all characters except Hodor…kill them,kill them all!!!

    ps: and maybe leave Remsey, Deneris and Ghost in love ..

  29. I really enjoyed this profound article, it touched many of my own expectations and gave me some more to rethink.
    Though in your Cersei prediction I missed Maggy the frogs prophecy – which is foreboding the Lannister-(continuative Kinslaying)-tragedy:

    “Cersei: Will the king and I have children?
    Maggy: Oh, aye. Six-and-ten for him, and three for you. Gold shall be their crowns and gold their shrouds, she said. And when your tears have drowned you, the valonqar shall wrap his hands about your pale white throat and choke the life from you.”

    valonqar = high valyrian for “younger brother”;
    This memory from her childhood is the reason why she is so hysterical toward Tyrion but Jaime is a few minutes younger than her too …

    • Has it ever been suggested that the “younger brother” from the prophecy is not one of Cersei’s brothers (Jaime or Tyrion) but another younger brother from a different family? In that case there are countless possibilities; Sandor Clegane (if he’s not dead), Rickon Stark, Stannis Baratheon, Edmure Tully, Garlan or Loras Tyrell, Aegon Targaryen, Theon Greyjoy….. granted many of those are unlikely but it still opens up a lot of possibilities.

  30. i believe the man arya will follow is accually syrio forel and jaquen h´ghar, they´re all from bravos, they are all awesome, it all fits

    • Syrio died in AGoT

      • We don’t know that Syrio is dead. There was never anything in the story to confirm this. My guess is thaty we’ll see him again.

        • I completely agree that Syrio will come back…and is J’quin Hagar (I know spelled wrong). It was never said Syrio died when he went up against the gaurds…my theory about him is he got thrown in jail became Jaquin and thats when Arya saw him next being transported to the Nights Watch.

  31. I believe that the prophecies through out the series are meant to come to fruition, it’s just a matter how and when. Because of this, I don’t think that you theories involving Cersei, Jon, and Dany will come to pass. Magi the frog’s prophecy concerning Cercei is clearly pointing toward Dany to come and take the throne from her, and she will die by one of her brothers (I believe there is a chance that Jaime, not Tyrion could end up killing her). Also, there are too many POV characters with importance to the story with strong interest in westeros converging in Mereen for her to ultimately end up staying in essos (I ultimately believe that her victory in Mereen will seal her rule in slaver’s bay, and Tyrion’s gift of gab will convince her, if it is deemed necessary to do so, to complete her mission to Westeros). As much as people tend to point out how many deaths there has been in the series, only three POV characters are truly dead (not counting Cat due to her resurrection), and only one was a major POV character being the all famous Ned Stark, whose Death set the tone for the rest of the series in my opinion and was completely necessary to ignite the chaos. As much as Robb was beloved by many in the series, there was always that sneaking suspicion that he would not make to me due to the fact that you had to always hear about him through others, mainly Cats POV. Because of this, I have to believe that Jon Snow is not dead 100%, and if he warns to save himself it won’t be long until he resumes a human form. I believe the mystery surrounding his birth bears importance to the song of ice and fire, and he is easily one of the heavy weight POV characters. When Martin split the time line, I think it spoke volumes that of the main POV characters that have been around since AGOT Bran, Dany, Jon, and Tyrion were excluded from AFOC, and I think this carried meaning.

    • Please excuse the misspellings/ miscommunications in my paragraph my phone keeps changing words on me.

  32. Thomas Munday

    Great article! I learnt a lot whilst reading this article. I think these stories are popular because they discuss conflict in a vastly different time. We can then compare and contrast both time periods and how they contain similar occurrences and conflicts.

  33. Great article with some interesting points. I can’t wait for TWOW. I think it has the potential to be as good as ASOS. So many interesting things are going on by the end of ADWD.

    In King’s Landing the Lannister/ Tyrell struggle has been tipped to the Tyrell’s favor with Cersei being stripped of power and Kevan Lannister being murdered. The sand snakes rocking up will definitely mix it up even more and I see many deaths occurring (namely poor little Tommen.)

    The whole Meereen situation finally got interesting with battle about to kick off. Will be interesting to see Barristan/ Victarion/ Dany/ Tyrion/ Jorah potentially meet up.

    If Brienne kills Jaime I will be very very sad. I really don’t know what’s gonna happen here…

    Same with Jon Snow… like no idea.

    Really looking forward to the battle for Winterfell. Definitely agree with Stannis forcing the Frey/ Bolton troops onto the ice. That would be awesome. I really want Stannis to defeat the Freys and Boltons but Roose Bolton is notoriously cunning and definitely wont go down without a fight. I can see him faking his own death and popping up again to wreak havoc.

  34. In regards to cersei’s champion. I think that Robert Strong is actually the Mountain. If I remember right, the mountains death was sketchy and too awhile. I think he survived and is keeping his identity secret to not cause problems with dorne. How about them apples

    • Yes, I think that’s pretty obvious. Qyburn was experimenting on him, and it sounds like he turned the mountian into something like a “robot”.

  35. That was a very good read but as far as Cersei is concerned I believe her Valonqar will end her life and I don’t mean the halfman

  36. Wow – Absolutely amazing read with lots of new meat to chew on potential outcomes for TWOW. I’m absolutely shocked by your great writing style and vocabulary at the age of 18, maybe you should write your own Song of Ice and Fire :)

  37. The author’s idea, about Jon being given the “Kiss” by Mel, is way off. Jon will be brought back by the Old Gods, with the help of his “brother” Bran and Bloodraven; via a blood sacrifice(most likely the death of Theon or Asha.)

    Later in the book he will revealed to Robb’s heir. Then by then end of Winds, the truth about his real parents, will finally come to light.

  38. Great job, thanks for writing this, glad you put Brienne/Jaime arc third they are really the best, for me it is the only thing really interesting…. well also want to see Cercei and Stannis get their punishment…

  39. I think this mysterious character Ser Robert is really The Mountain Gregor klegan. Qyburn is a sneaky one and if I’m not mistaken wasn’t he expelled from the citdal in oldtown, or am I thinking of another maester. Either way I think they bought the Mountain back to life. Also I think Jon Snow is the one and true king he is the son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targareyn. Melisandre stopped seeing Stanis in her fires only to see Jon Snow. He has kings blood in him. Thats why she must give him the kiss.

  40. What happened to the idea that Jon Snow is Azor Ahai reborn? A few things lead to this thinking.
    1. Jon is continuously seen in Mellisandra’s flames as Jon or the image of snow.
    2. Jon has a dream in which he is fighting the Others with a flaming sword.
    3. At the end of ADWD Jon’s wounds smoke.
    4. He sacrificed Ygritte like like Azor Ahai sacrificed Nisa Nisa to forge Lightbringer.

    • he is prince that was promised and azor ahai

  41. Wow absolutely amazing article! Even more impressive that you’re only 18. As someone has already said you should write your own Song of Ice and Fire. Keep up the good work!

  42. I think you’ve got some right and some wrong. I have a lot of theories about Jon Snow. I’m surprised I haven’t heard the theory of him coming back as a wight in the nature of Cold Hands.

  43. Thanks for this excellent analysis! I am also of the opinion that Dany will never set foot on Westeros – for whatever reason. By constantly and repeatedly referring to Dany’s desire for returning to the home of her ancestors, GRRM prepares the ground for finally denying her that wish, which will appear most tragic at that moment, taking into account all that she did for realizing this dream. However, I would prefer seeing her living (e.g. with Ser Jorah) in the house with the red door over letting her die in the end.

  44. In relation to Jon Snow’s survival, my theory is that he does die (or is very close to it), gets thrown on a funeral pyre, and the fire restores him as a Targaryen by blood.

    I’m holding on to the theory that Jon is the son of Ned’s sister (Lyanna?) and the Targaryen prince (Rhaegar?) who “kidnapped” her (I don’t have the books handy right now, so names will have to wait).

    I believe that Ned’s sister went willingly with the Targaryen prince, but Robert couldn’t handle the idea she didn’t love him, and crafted a story of a kidnapping in order to spark a war.

    I’m basing this mostly on two things. 1. Ned refuses to reveal who Jon’s mother is, and 2. Ned’s dream/memory regarding his sister making him promise something (my guess being that he will look after her son).

    Can’t wait to see if I’m right.

    • If John is a Targaryen and thus immune to fire, why did he burn his hand when fighting the wight?

      • That did cross my mind but Visery burned as Dany pointed out.
        Also Jons only (maybe) half targaryen blood.

        Less war now and more whites n magic.

    • GRRM has said multiple times that Targaryans aren’t immune to fire and Dany’s not immune to fire. She just didn’t burn in that one ritual.

  45. I believe that:

    -Srong is the Dog.
    -Jon will survive and is the son of Illyana and Raegar so is a Targaryen but he is not inmune to fire becouse his blood is only 50% pure.
    -The Nigth Watch is going to disappear but somethig new will born from the mix of the Nigth Watch and Wild People. (In that way Snow could participate in Westeros Wars and become Daenerys ally.
    -Rickon will appear and become Invernalia Master.

    • Jon isn’t even close to 50% Targ, sorry. Inbreeding was a common tradition, but not everyone did it. I don’t know the.weddings and family tree by heart, but I did see an article that explained how Dany was <5% Targ.

    • After Jon’s “death”, the Wild People will go wilder than ever and fight and kill all the Night’s Watch men… thus, cancelling the “magic spell” against the Others in the Wall: ‘I am the fire that burns against the cold, the light that brings the dawn, the horn that wakes the sleepers, the shield that guards the realms of men.’…

      So, if there is no more shield in the Wall, the Others would cross to the south freezing everyone’s arse! :P And that could give a full meaning to the book’s name… TWOW!

      • you might be right. if you watch the second season, when dany is in the house of undying (qarth) she goes through a door leading her to the throne room in kings landing where she sees that the place is a wreck and theres snow evrywhere… or maybe someonee had laid siege to the place.

  46. Seeing as one of the primary functions the Faceless Men serve is to collect debts for the Iron Bank, Arya has quite a few more possible targets. The Lannisters are in debt, so assuming she actually plays by the rules only Kevan is really important enough to be worth consideration. The person who was the most involved in putting the kingdom in so much debt outside Robert himself was Petyr, who has Arya’s sister. I’m not saying he would beige most likely target but he’d be the most satisfying, especially if he married Alayne to Robert first or revealed who Sansa is and married her, making her in charge of the vast majority of the east before being killed.

  47. Well done. There is also the matter of the White Wal;ers to be resolved. As well, Dragonstone has been attacked by Loras and his troops, but Stannis either hasn’t heard about this, or has not mentioned it for some other reason. In addition, it will be interesting to see what further part, if any, these characters play in the saga: Varys. Loras. Samwell. Coldhands. Bronn. The Blackfish. Quaithe.

  48. I agree that this article has helped reignite excitement for the story for me. I’ve read through the series twice and am going through again, hoping that TWOW will be out by the time I finish ADWD for the 3rd time. I think that the Bran and Arya story arcs are going to become focal. I know that GRRM discards tropes and cliché like no other author, but he still needs a cohesive line of thought to carry his story, and I think Bran and Arya are it. Jon and Sansa have their roles, which may turn out to be tragic (very likely in Sansa’s case). The Old Gods need to put down R’hllor, and Bran is their representative in Westeros. Arya will carry out some deeds for the Faceless men that will have significant consequence, but she will never forget who she truly is. The Song of Ice and Fire could very well refer to the Old Gods and R’hllor, rather than Jon and Daenerys. There is still power on the Isle of Faces, and certainly in the North. The humans involved in the story may be an afterthought to the higher powers righting themselves.

  49. you’re missing the entire idea of what is about to happen to dany in this article. they will take her back to the mother of the mountains to be a crone, where the other crones will bow before her, thus fulfilling her vision in the house of the undying. as a crone (and with the worship of the rest) she will be able to command all the khalasars. that’s how she will command them.

    HOWEVER… quaithe keeps basically telling her she has to go south east, and to pass beneath the shadow. asshai is directly southeast from where she is now, and is situated south of the shadowlands. i know GRRM said we will only see asshai from flashbacks, but i think that was also when he was planning a 5 year jump between books.

  50. Melisandre kept on seeing Jon when she looked for Azor Ahai. There seem to be three Targaryens in Jon, Danearys and Prince Targaryen. Oathbreaker sounds a bit like the sword Azor is said to weild. There are three dragons, two male and one female.

  51. Bran will travel farther north and defeat the great other
    Melisande will revive jon snow but not before he dreams of talking to eddard and learning he is the bastard son of rhaegar targ he will awake a new man with kings blood and be melisandres fire champion. He will hold the wall fire will not burn him similar to dany.
    dany will somehow travel north to the wall with her dragons and a small cohort jon will become a dragon rider by warging with one and by having targ blood something dragons can sense. The others and wights army will be destroyed but so will the wall. Making the north whole again. Jon and dany fall in love causes some tension with jorah. Danys forces grow barristan and victarian bring a fleet of reinforcements to westoros
    davos finds rickon with the cannibals they fashion an army together rickon is made lord of winterfell they march on winterfell. Stannis and manderly destroy most of the bolton frey army but dont kill ramsay he escapes to winterfell. Stannis surrounds it davos and rickon return stannis is killed in battle infront of davos rickon takes winterfell but ramsay kills his father and his frey wife and flees to the dreadfort. Mance raydar is rescued. The greyjoys and ironmen escape in the fighting fleeing to the readers lands. Rickon holds winterfell reunites with jon tyrion dany danys forces swell but are still small. Wildlings are made northmen. They all march on moat caitlin then the twins.
    The greyjoy kids flee to tge reader and their mother they build a small fleet decide to kill euron aeron damphair is in open revolt with the small folk euron has his fleets with victarion and at the arbor he is surprised by the return of theon aeron etc they capture him give him to the drowned god to judge euron doesnt survive. Theon is made king and has one son who he made with the ship captains daughter in CoK osha is made fleet commander aeron is theons priest
    victarion loses more ships most of danys fleet arrive barristan is in command they all march toward winterfell.
    Cersei wins her trial by combat but the bravoosi bankers have sent a faceless girl to kill tommen enter arya arya kills tommen plus maeryn trant and perhaps a kettleblack or two she then flees north to handle the freys.
    Sansa is unflowered by baelish in a slip up he admits to being behind jon arryns death she puts it together that he told joffrey to behead her father. She has robert execute him. She then has robert call his banners the vale is about to join the war when a raven from the twins tells of the return of rickon and jon.
    Lady stoneheart captures jaime who helps her take back riverrun and kills more freys jaime hears of tommens death and myrcellas wounding and some more of cerseis dealings.
    The stark children will all meet at the twins. Arya will steal a face enter kill lord walder the north army will beseige on side the vale the other jon and dany burn the twins to the ground much like harrenhal killing most of house frey. The vale the north maybe the greyjoys return whats left of the ironborn all march on kingslanding.
    Gendry is told by brienne that he is a bastard of roberts the eldest boy. Stannis and his family died in the north. Gendry meets up with a solemn davos he brieene and gendry march with dany gendry becomes the next lord of storms end being the eldest bastard son of robert baratheon. Aegon and the company take storms end he marrys arrianne they battle a larger tyrell army mace tyrell is killed the sunspear family has its king. They march on kings landing. Doran martell succumbs to his illness tristan martell is made lord of sunspear. The sand snakes cause havoc everywhere. Cersei alone with a lannister army has margaery tyrell murdered by robert strong she has the city shut now here is where it gets tricky. I see either tommen being brought back by qyburn or no one saying the king is dead anyways the lannister brothers enter kings landing in secret maybe with loras tyrell also bc the tyrells knowing the last lords of highgarden were killed by dragons so why fight and switch to danys side or aegons. Anyways kings landing is under siege the lannisters and loras enter the castle kill qyburn robert strong and i think jaime or tyrion dies for the other. The survivor i think will be jaime who kills cersei by strangling her thus ending the war. Maybe tommen survives and jaime becomes warden of castley rock before his son maybe not. But bran stays north rickon becomes warden of the north arya marrys gendry becomes lady baratheon sansa becomes lady of the vale marrying robert or harrold idk jon and dany leave westeros for the summer lands aegon and arianne rule westeros willas tyrell lords highgarden loras tyrell is commander of the kingsguard samwell tarly is grand maester somehow everyone is dead except ramsay theon somehow has him captured and brought to pyke goes to his dungeon towards the end of the book and starts to return all the favors ramsay did him one flay st a time. Dany and jon will rule the east aegon westeros bran will stay in the far north among his trees watching over his family

    • OK, there’s a difference between commenting and spewing out every minutia of thought you have spunking through your brain. Also, sentences in English are always appreciated. Thanks.

  52. Cait Woodcock

    I just finished ADWD (I was holding off because at the end of AFFC all my favourite characters were still alive…) and I was sort of surprised that none of them got officially offed in ADWD. Reading here that Jon Snow will (hopefully) be making some kind of return is a small comfort. There’s something about his story line that makes me really want him to succeed, so I found his possible death to be disturbing. Thanks for the article. Cheers.

  53. JadeAnnalize

    Great article! I’m glad you included Davos in Skagos, I can’t wait see what has become of Rickon and Shaggydog.

  54. Great read thanks! I cant wait to see what’s to come! I personally think Syrio is going to make a reappearance during Arya’s faceless man journey. I hope she makes her way back to Gendry too! Although I doubt it based on GRRM’s lack of happy endings.(If you couldnt tell Arya is my favorite…or any Stark for that matter) I look forward for more to come on Rickon and Shaggydog too! (I didnt even think about that before..doh! way to miss something) I also think Jon isnt officially dead (via one of your 3 ways mentioned). I honestly think there is a potential he will be part of the “3 headed dragon” that will help Khalessi banish winter forever! (Per Games of Throne’s Catelyns POV…its rumored Jon’s mom was a beautiful women with violet eyes…eh hem aka Targaryen eyes)Either way…I cant wait to see where this story takes us!
    P.S I dont see how this story can come to a conclusion with just 2 more books…of course I am not the creative author (But…the series has been known to be extended in the past 3 books to 5 to 7)

  55. If only people would stop quoting that sensationalist Vulture article that misquoted Elio Garcia, and would quote his actual words instead. He did not say that the Sansa chapter would be “highly controversial” or “sure to cause controversy”. What he actually said was that it “MAY cause controversy in CERTAIN QUARTERS of the fandom”. That’s a far cry from “highly controversial”. For comparison, Elio used the same phrase to describe Brienne’s line “You sound like a bloody woman” on the TV show.

    And Sansa’s bedding is hardly “imminent”. She cannot marry anyone as Sansa Stark until her marriage to Tyrion is annulled, and she may need to remain a virgin to prove the non-consummation. Littlefinger knows this and is not a complete fool to endanger all his plans. Sansa knows this too, and stands absolutely NOTHING to gain from tangling with Harry under the sheets – especially since you’re right that she’s hardly going to be enamoured of him.

  56. I believe Jon Snow to be the son of Aerys and Edd Stark sister. Especially with the thoughts of Barristan in DoD, the bits and pieces over all the books about his parentage came together for me.
    I look for him to have survived and perhaps something about a burning to be included. Perhaps they think him dead and burn him so he did not rise again, but Jon will still be alive.
    The Dragon riders will be 3 who did not burn.
    Victarian will be the 3rd

  57. I believe Jon to be the son of Rhaegar and Lyanna Stark which would make him
    “The Son of Ice and Fire”.
    When that thought first crossed my mind i almost had to change my trousers haha.
    Also something i didn’t realise until my second read through of ADWD is that the perfumed seneschal that Quaithe warns Dany of is the name of the boat tyrion came over in.

  58. Articles like this and subsequent article comments are what make me absolutely love the A Song of Ice and Fire fandom.

    The books are soooo dense and there are some many loose ends to tie up (or not!) that one can spend all of their time theorizing and questioning.

    Love it!

  59. Awesome article – can’t wait for Season 4 of GoT!
    I agree with the above comments – The Iron Bank of Braavos is the most dangerous threat of all to Cersei. I’ve never been a fan of House Lannister but now that it comes down to it, I don’t want Cersei to die… at least let her have a painful, endless imprisonment. That’s what she deserves. Death would be too light a punishment for her.

  60. Great article!! Wondering what your thoughts are on Jon snow’s lineage? I feel we have been given most of the story via subtext but “Septa Lemore” struck me as someone we have been presuming is dead the whole series!! What if Lyanna Stark is Septa Lemore? And has been helping to raise Aegon under the guise of a Septa out of her true love for Aegon’s and Jon snow’s father, Rhagar Targaryean!
    “…though Lemore was not near as innocent as she appeared. She had stretch marks on her belly that could only have come from childbirth.”…”Septa Lemore laughed. Like everyone else on the Shy Maid she had her secrets. She was welcome to them.” (P181-182 ADWD)

  61. Night gathers, and now my watch begins. It shall not end until my death. Jon Snow is dead… And released from his oath. However he is brought back magic or medicine he is free. A lot of the problems G R R has had writing the series is getting characters to where he wants them be it geographically Tyrion or character development Dany/ Jon Snow.

  62. What if Westeros and Essos is connected by a land bridge? The Others would be sandwiched between Dany’s forces and Westeros’ (Jon’s).

  63. FANtastic article…very well thought of. Are you sure you not related to GRRM;). This book and TV series are driving me crazy, I cant stop searching theories and news hoping/praying that TWOW will be released soon. My girl asked me when we getting married and I suspiciously asked her “what’s the hurry, are you planning a ‘Red Wedding’” Lets just say that Varys and I have something in common now;) I get a feeling that GRRM is going to shock us all, say kill of Jon for good etc. There is just to much going on and this guy teases us with releasing chapters / readings. Its exciting and articles like these feed my soul. Thanks and Good Job:)

  64. I don’t think that one can assume that Arya’s assigned assassination victim will necessarily be someone the Faceless Men regard as their enemy. They are primarily contract killers, so it could be any one of many potential targets, as long as there’s somebody with enough money who dearly wants them dead. Could even be Cersei going after Tyrion, if she can get her act together enough at this point.

    Since Stannis is sending an envoy to Braavos to bring back a boatload of sellswords, I think that we need to keep an eye out for a mysterious cabin boy or other small anonymous person tagging along for the voyage. And I expect that GRRM will keep us guessing a long time about who her target back in Westeros will be; I won’t be surprised if we don’t find out until the last book.

  65. Great article. I recall GRRM mentioning that he wishes to conclude a few of the major battles that have been culminating. So the book is called “The Winds of Winter” I’d think that the war with the white walkers would surely surface in this book. Cold Hands =Benjen Stark? What of Bran and the Green Seeer along with the remaining children of the forest? I’d say there’s a battle too. Perhaps that will come to light in the final book “A dream of spring”

  66. I certainly hope the Manderly forces successfully align with Stannis against the Boltons and Freys as soon as possible. Manderly is loyal to the Starks and The North and so far has played his cards bravely and well (assuming he survives the wound he got from Hosteen or whomever the Frey was); it would be a tragedy for the Manderlys and Stannis to weaken themselves fighting each other.

  67. I don’t think it was Ramsay who sent the letter. To me, it stinks of a certain Wilding named Mance Rayder.

  68. I think the two plot points I’m most excited for are Young Griff/Aegon Targaryen and Jon Snow.

    1. I am pretty convinced that this new, young dragon is not who he says he is. I guess in my mind it seems a little convenient that one of the Targaryen children was not murdered during the siege of King’s Landing. I am both very excited to be proven right or to be proven wrong – I’m not picky which so long as the truth is revealed. The Targaryens (both Aegon and Daenerys) seem to be the least crazy contenders for the throne since the deaths of Renly and Robb Stark (who honestly were both my first choices for the crown). I’m also curious to see how Tyrion plays into this storyline as he gets further from Westeros and closer to these outcasts.

    2. JON SNOW. He can’t be dead, I refuse to believe it. GRRM spent too much time explaining how wargs worked and the connection between Jon and Ghost for killing him to be that easy. Not to mention, I’m secretly hoping that Jon somehow also throws his hat into the ring for the crown once his speculated parentage comes into light. Or at the very least makes his way into the Small Council.

    And now as I’m writing this comment I realize that I’m pretty much excited/curious/anxious for everything to come in Winds of Winter. Crazy Catelyn, Brienne and Jamie, if Arya makes it back to Westeros, will Sansa awkwardly be forced to marry Littlefinger?

    Can this book just come out already?

  69. What about the sand snakes, surely they will have a big part to play given the revenge they want over Oberon Martells as they see it, murders


  71. If we had a white analog to ebony, I bet those two kinds of wood would be combined all the time. If that’s a convincing argument that the smith dude is a faceless man, then I guess anything is.

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