80s films

80s films are very popular even today. Especially John Hughs films. A great director like him; he relates to teenagers and people like us. He creates wonderful films including The Breakfast Club and Pretty in Pink as well as Sixteen Candles. He makes films that can relate to many teens and young adults and that’s what makes people love his films including myself. John Hugh’s is a great director.

  • Many times, when introducing a topic, it is best to state your point, but also incorporate a counterargument, or a dissident view. Yes, John Hughes films were popular in the 80's; yet still resonate with many of today's youth. Why is this? What components of his films speaks to a multitude of generations? What did he get right? How has the evolution of these types of films differed, and quite possibly regressed? These are some questions that would build a substantial argument and provide a talking point for this interesting topic you are sharing. – danielle577 5 years ago

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