A Comparison of Animation Software

The more skilled animation-related people in Artifice should give this topic a try. I think we really need a comparison of animation software article that elaborates things in-depth. Mostly the internet is full of vague statements and outdated facts. A modern compilation of data with a touch of artistic experience could make this one a popular article. It’ll be good for rookies and experts alike, as well as casually curious people.

  • I agree. There is very little documentation and examples of technique specifically involving the Flash and Vector-based animation programs. Vector animation done in Flash or Toon-Boom is getting so good these days, and yet there are no explanations are to how the animation in "My Little Pony," "Wander Over Yonder," or the "Mickey Mouse" cartoons are created. It's quite frustrating. – Jonathan Leiter 7 years ago

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