A Connection between Netflix series, Luke Cage and Society Today

Is Marvel’s Luke Cage, a superhero of today’s society? In the new Netflix series, Luke Cage is a black, bulletproof man with his only costume being a hoodie and when it is up, it is worn as superman wears his cape in a fight of justice. The significance of the hoodie touched on a real life matter we faced four years ago, in regards to the death of seventeen year old, Trayvon Martin. With all the shootings and killing of black men today, it is important to many that we have a hero that is black. Whether it is real or not doesn’t even matter, it is the point that our youth can watch Luke Cage and see a black hero who actually takes pride in who he is and acknowledges it. I think the series is literally and symbolically trying to make a connection with black people, culture, society, and the issues and injustice certain individuals may face today. Do you think this series succeeds or fails, barely touching the surface in making a connection to society today?

  • You will have your critics who say that the show is making a statement, which is why the hoodie is his armor; On the other hand, you will have the other side saying the hoodie makes him a stereotypical black man. The real connection lies within how Luke himself is portrayed, when he is not in superhero mode. If he follows the trend of what people think black men are like in the ghetto, then the show is just perpetuating negative stigmas. Now if he takes the hoodie off and is well spoken with a dignified demeanor, then the show is trying to make a statement. – MikeySheff 7 years ago

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