YouTube: A Trend in Compassion

We’ve all seen those feel-good viral video’s of people finding someone in need and through various means helping to turn their life around. These stories gained popularity and were quickly spread across the web, inspiring others to do the same. I find myself wondering if the people who publicize these processes are really doing it from the kindness of their heart, or merely to gain popularity via social media. If social media didn’t exist would the same people perform random acts of kindness without ever seeking accreditation? Is it truly kindness, or just trending?

  • I feel for the most part, people who do the kinds of things on Youtube generally want to help other people. If they just wanted to get popular on the internet, there are a billion other ways they could do it. With that said, you bring up an interesting point in would these nice people go to these extremes to be nice to other people if it was not for youtube? It may not be to gain more viewers, but instead to show how being kind brings out the best in other people. – Aaron Hatch 7 years ago
  • Another thing to think about: Does it matter? An act that helps someone still helps someone regardless of the intention. Forced community service still helps people, etc. So maybe it's a good thing anyway? – Tatijana 7 years ago
  • This is an interesting topic. In all honesty, I find that it's really hard to judge the intentions of the people performing the acts of kindness. How will we ever know what was going through their heads? It might be difficult to plot out an article that isn't too opinionated. However, it's still an intriguing topic, so maybe someone would be able to find a way to make this idea work. I'm looking forward to seeing if and what someone will do with this topic! – Dominic Sceski 7 years ago
  • In 2014, there was a viral trend called RAKnominations (Random Acts of Kindness), in which a person would record themselves doing a nice deed for someone and then nominate a few others to do the same. On the topic of YouTubers doing nice things for others, you can also explore people doing kind things just because they're nominated. Would they still do it without the nomination? (Although that all depends on the person.) – YsabelGo 7 years ago
  • The Project 4 Awesome is a wonderful YouTube based fundraiser that happens every year. People create videos about their favorite charities and people donate. It connects the YouTube community as well as give back. This shoes YouTube can be a place for compassion and giving. – mramsden252 7 years ago

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