Adaptation of Webnovels into Manhwa

A Chinese company called Bilibili has been scouting writer on the Royal Road website recently; they’ve been banned for spamming, and the site architect’s opinion on the matter is ‘They behave sketchy as hell, don’t expect much of them. And it’s a Chinese company so no surprises there’.

In terms of quality loss to art addition, the discussion has postulated generalities for several countries; America is expensive and limited in production, Chinese is limited in scope, cheap, and extremely likely to simply steal everything, Korean is high quality at the expense of the workers, and Japanese is insular enough that they will never make an offer.

The question then becomes ‘what is the best method for creating a visual product out of a collection of words?’

  • What is this? I don't understand anything. – T. Palomino 5 months ago
  • This is pretty confounding, and needs more clarity as other comments rightly suggest. One thing I'd like to note is that the "new" shouldn't always be shunned. Yes, the meticulousness or labor might be lower compared to what was put in say 5 years ago in any kind visual storytelling - but that's just the times changing. With ever-lower attention spans people need something quicker, faster-paced. Doesn't mean it has to be cheaply done though. Just, don't mention the whole new art style collective as a bad transition. Times and priorities change and though old is gold, current is always what makes said gold down the line. – Abhimanyu Shekhar 2 months ago

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