Afterlife as Portrayed by Death Parade

Analyze the 2015 hit anime series, Death Parade, and discuss the meaning of the afterlife according to the series. What are the rules of the afterlife and the beings that reside within it? Talk about the concept of good and evil, what is deemed to be right and wrong and the effect that it has on the characters in the future.

  • I would love to write on this topic as well. Death Parade is awesome haha. But when you say the rules of the afterlife according to the series in relation to the western view of the afterlife (heaven vs hell) or in terms of reincarnation? (Like how the characters can relive their lives if they win) Also, I think you should also maybe consider the middle ground of good and evil, or the idea of the spectator, as seen through Decim. He isn't good or evil but seems to have some sense of morality? – kmjp 8 years ago

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