An Interesting Time at the El Royale

Recently I saw Bad Times at the El Royale, and instantly wanted to do an analysis of the film. Operating in true thriller fashion, it often left me wondering what on Earth was going on, and proceeding to deliver hammer blow after hammer blow of intense character development and tense moments. It is filmed in a unique way, as a series of smaller narratives that follow each character, sometimes backtracking or jumping forward in time, before tying the narratives together a piece at a time. Analyzing what new elements this movie brings to the genre, or what elements are familiar, may be interesting.

  • this sounds amazing would love to read one day – ambermakx 4 years ago
  • Really was fascinated by the narrative techniques and structure of this film. The flashbacks and mystery of the film help intrigue and draw in audiences early in the film. – Sean Gadus 4 years ago

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