Animated Music Videos

"Daft Punk" overall.

"Land of Confusion" by Genesis (Puppets but it still counts imo)

"C’est Une Belle Journee" and "Peut Etre Toi" by Mylene Farmer

Any music video from the "Gorillaz" though that should be obvious.

"Hellbent" by Kenna (stop motion I think)

"Breaking the Habit" by Linkin Park

"Jurassic Park" by Weird Al (claymation I think)

  • I think to any writer taking on this task may want to look at what animation can convey to the viewer that live-music videos can't achieve. This is just a suggestion, but I feel it would be a good starting point. – BethanyS 7 years ago
  • Another pretty good one is Emilie Simon's Flowers which is in a gothic style – wierdbuthatsok 7 years ago
  • It would also be interesting to look into fan animated music videos such as the animated video Ghost by Mystery Skulls. – Hailtothechimp 7 years ago
  • An awesome one that's become all the rage Mystery Skulls- Ghost – Wolfstar96 7 years ago

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