Animation brings more clarity

Animation videos are clearer because they are active and moving. You have put your business’s core values to action in an animation and this is a very strong way of delivering a message. There is no chance of any confusion as the animations are detailed and yet, entertaining and engaging.

A website’s success is highly dependent on what kind of user-experience it provides to the visitors. If a visitor has good experience while visiting a website, there is a good chance they will visit the website again when they would want. However, if a visitor is not happy visiting a website, they probably would not visit again. The user-experience is defined by many factors and one of the factors is how swiftly a visitor get to know about the website. Animation is one of the fastest way of delivering information without missing any chunk or creating any chaos. This is why every business should have a good animated video filled with all the significant information on the front page of their website.

  • Animation is definitely a wonderful tool for businesses - you're very right to say it can be much more clear. I think its simplistic nature will help quite a bit in getting a message through the shrinking attention span of viewers. – MattAbello 4 years ago
  • It might also be worth considering those attempts that have actually failed to deliver their message or been perceived as confusing by the viewer. How have businesses learned from their previous errors? I'd also be careful to avoid making sweeping statements such as 'This is why every business should have a good animated video...etc', as one size doesn't necessarily fit all. There are some businesses, after all, that don't require animated 'add-ons' - for instance a high end antiques business. – Amyus 4 years ago

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