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Anime Music Video Review: Daoko's "Girl" Significant Sex In Storytelling

Daoko`s "Girl" is an animation from the Japan Animator Expo 2015. The same team who worked on the controversial piece: "Me!Me!Me!". ("Me!Me!Me!" steps into the ocean of pornography and neet lifestyle.) The holders of both "Me!Me!Me!" and Daoko`s "Girl" take it upon themselves to speak about the negative sides of certain aspects of Japan. Some which are glorified or seen as positive things in anime format. The best idea they found themselves in were to actually use "anime" instead of any other way of telling it. Which is a solid idea.

Daoko`s "Girl" takes a dive into sexual storytelling. This is the standing point within the whole project. Within first moments of the experience, you are bombarded with tons of symbolism. On completion you may still be confused. However, there are great writers out there that have been so kind on analyzing the piece. Which is in the link. From some information studied about. Daoko`s "Girl" it takes on the subculture known as "enkou" (The exchange of gifts for sexual activities, Usually between ‘working men’ Salary Men and Highschool Girls). It seems that the protagonist of Daoko`s "Girl" takes part in such things.

The overall quality and presentation of Daoko`s "Girl" is magnificent. Through the animation studio at Studio Khara, directors, writers, storyboards and the complete crew who helped deliver such a thing.

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