Anime that deals with left-wing activism

An in-depth article exploring this or anything with anti-capitalist/imperialist/nationalist themes or even characters.

Some movies come into mind:
– Steamboy
– Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade 人狼 (1998)

I also think code geass fits the bill but since it’s a series, it doesn’t solely focus on those themes.

  • This looks like it could be expanded more into how politics, either left or right, are explored/implied in anime. For example, the author of 'Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei' is known to be a right-winger, and some of that thoughts can be seen in the series as well. Anti-imperialist/capitalist theme can be seen a lot in Mizayaki Hayao's movies. This could be a very good topic if explored carefully. – Justin Wu 9 years ago

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