Ant-man: a pint-sized addition to the MCU or its first huge flop

This article (written once the author has seen the movie obviously) will examine how Ant-man effects the MCU. A major flop could, surprisingly, cause major harm financially to the studios involved. On the other hand, Ant-man could be an exciting and refreshing respite from the recent action epics.
Focusing not on financial standings, but rather critical and fan reception, the article would determine the status of Ant-man.

  • While it would be important to talk about Edger Wright leaving the film, this article should turn into a Wright vs. Marvel rant. It is sad that he left the film, but the film should be judged on its own merits. Judge the film you got, not the one you want. – Aaron Hatch 8 years ago
  • Based on a "Certified Fresh" rating on Rotten Tomatoes of 79% (higher than many MCU films, including this year's "Avengers: Age of Ultron"), as well as many positive posts about the film from fans on social media, I think the movie has mostly been critically well-received. I've seen the movie (I personally loved it) and I can say that, so far, the connections to the MCU aren't HUGE. Marvel has confirmed that Scott Lang will be in Captain America: Civil War (along with almost every other major MCU superhero) and *POTENTIAL SPOILER FOR ANT-MAN* Kevin Feige has said that the Wasp will likely appear in a Phase 3 film in some capacity, we do know that Ant-Man will affect the I think it might be good to critique the EXTENT to which the movie connects to the MCU. Because there are some brilliant references and cameos/appearances (that I won't spoil, but anyone who's seen the movie will know) to the larger MCU which are great. But on the other hand, the movie's smaller scale and largely standalone nature works to the film's benefit. As much as I loved Age of Ultron, a common (and valid, I will concede) criticism is that the film suffered from TOO much MCU connection. Meaning, there were so many characters and plot threads and set-up for future films that the movie felt somewhat disjointed and/or overstuffed. Whereas Ant-Man has a pretty focused premise - it's a comedy heist flick - and I think that resonated more with a large part of the audience. And Aaron makes a valid point. Edgar Wright's departure shouldn't be treated like the elephant in the room, but it also shouldn't become the focus of the film. The reality is, having heard little to none of Edgar's side of things, I don't think we can properly comment as a whole on how his version of the film would have compared to the one we got. Like Aaron, I think the film should be judged on its own merits. However, are some good comments from Wright's replacement director, Peyton Reed, who talks about ideas they kept/worked upon from Wright's original script, vs. what he and the new writers changed or added. These might be good to mention. – BradShankar 8 years ago
  • In 2022, it is still too early to know. – T. Palomino 1 year ago

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