Are all these movie remakes and reboots ruining movies in general?

I understand Hollywood is a business so I get the reason for doing remakes, reboots, sequels, spinoffs, and prequels. I don’t have a problem with it, in fact there have been some that I’ve enjoyed but it seems like most of the time, they don’t do that well. With the negative attention going towards remakes and the volume of remakes happening nowadays, is it ruining the the enjoyment of watching movies?

  • This is what that nun warned me about abortion over...a culture that eats itself up eventually get us to a strange desolateness and nostalgia atop that, where we replay the roles of all those adults we were taught to hate and demeaned, and look aback and see an arcanea or an adulthood as the children play dress up, all day long... – Antonius865 5 years ago
  • I don't believe that remakes are running the enjoyment of watching movies per say... but they are making us realize that Hollywood is running out or original ideas. On the other hand, an argument that can be made is that there are reasons for remakes. 1) Technology back then was not as great as today. With CGI, among other things, we have better ways to capture complex ideas and translate it into film. 2) Remakes bring old ideas into modern day. It appeals to the upcoming generations. I agree that it appears that a lot of remakes just . . . don't do it well. . . But I think it is important to think about the remake as something separate from the original. It will never be exactly like the original, or what's the point? It is supposed to be different. The only way to enjoy remakes is to take for what they are -something new. And take them for what they are not - the original. – simplykrizia 5 years ago

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