Netflix Original Shows vs. Network Counterparts

Generally, a discussion on what Netflix-exclusive shows do differently than their network counterparts.

You have shows like Senses8, Orange is the New Black, Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Master of None, Bojack Horseman and etc.

What do these shows prove differently than shows that are on network television like How to get Away with Murder and Scandal, even Grey’s Anatomy. Shows that show the grittiness just like Netflix shows, but in what ways do they differ in what type of grit you can use on network television shows compared to Netflix where creativity is the producer and directors own.

  • Is this really a fair topic and question to bring up when all they have is two shows? I mean, you can't make any sort of conjecture or hypothesis off of just two instances or examples... really for anything. So why try to do it with this? Besides which, I think you bring up potential concerns and issues for any series that exists out there, either online or on network television. And Netflix has produced far more shows than just the Marvel ones. And from what I've heard and gathered through osmosis, they're all pretty stellar and solid productions. So I'm not quite sure what the interest in discussing the disappointment in Jessica Jones from this particular angle is all about. – Jonathan Leiter 7 years ago
  • I feel like I haven't seen enough negative feedback for either show to make the assumption that the Netflix Original shows are declining. Both of them are only into their first season and (as previously stated) there are only two shows to discuss. It's way too soon to make an assumption like this. – Reese2341 7 years ago
  • I agree that a) there are only two (not that long as of yet) shows available and b) the critical consensus I've seen as been pretty positive, so I'm unsure if there is enough evidence to suspect a decline. The only way would be pitting Jessica Jones against Daredevil, but the former is strong and engaging (having watched it all soon after it premiered). They have their issues, but those seem minor. I wouldn't call Jessica Jones a step down at all. Maybe you could form a similar topic concerning Netflix originals (these shows; OitNB; Sense8) in general? Not sure if this has been done, but I'd be curious to see a discussion on what Netflix-exclusive shows do differently than their network counterparts. Anyway, best of luck! – emilydeibler 7 years ago
  • that's actually a really good topic choice (i'll change it to that), thank you @emily you rule!!! :) – scole 7 years ago
  • Hey, no problem. Best of luck! :) – emilydeibler 7 years ago

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