Are short stories and songs similar?

"A novel tries to befriend you. A short story almost never does." A short story is a glimpse, and tells a story concisely, offering an impression of a person or idea, rather than fully exploring something. I was listening to Paris by The Chainsmokers, a song that tells a glimpse of a story, and thought of this.

  • I think songs are more similar to poems when it comes to form. – Clarice 5 years ago
  • Form, maybe not so much, but function absolutely. – daniellegreen624 5 years ago
  • What is your argument? It sounds like you want to show how short stories and songs are similar, but you could also do compare/contrast. I'd suggest starting with The Chainsmokers and choosing a few other songs as well. Songs from musicals would be great because they exist to move a larger story forward; they're already built into a plot. A lot of country songs and traditional folk ballads tell stories, as well. – Stephanie M. 5 years ago

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