Are Social Networking Platforms Endangering our Identity?

Social networking platforms such as Instagram and Facebook have changed the way society and individuals view their self worth as the amount of likes and comments we receive on our posts can feel like validation some individuals don’t receive in real life.
Do we agree that these platforms are changing the way we as a society as a whole and individually see ourselves and others?

Are the causes linked to ‘social media celebrities’ and ‘influencers’ online?

  • I think this could be a really good topic and definitely something that affects so many of us on a daily basis! The increased use of social media has meant that people are calculating their worth based on likes and followers (in a sense!) – Jessica Chaudhry 4 years ago
  • Validation and self-worth should definitely be at the centre of this because an unhealthy need for both can lead to a lot of other problems in a person's life. – Zohal99 4 years ago
  • There's actually lots of "selfie" rhetoric that's appeared in the field of digital rhetoric that addresses these issues of narcissism, lack of self worth, and a hunger for re-writinf/controlling your narrative with the rise of social media. Although she specifically focuses on selfie taking, Aimée Morisson is a great researcher and theorist to look up – Pamela Maria 4 years ago
  • I can say yes and no, it depends on the situation. – fisalolo 4 years ago

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