Does your choice of weaponry decipher which game you like more?

Are sword fighting and magic wielding games better than shooting with guns?
Often games such as Skyrim and Halo are compared to each other, to see which game is better. But a vast majority of the time we categorise them differently thanks to the given weapons. They may have certain similarities in the game play, such as mostly being one player, thorough main quests and objectives, and they’d have similar enemies, whether they’re bandits, aliens, dragons, or weird radioactive creatures, but can we still compare them because of the choice of weapons?

Most people used to prefer to be warrior type people, who wield Swords or maces (specifically in Skyrim and games like kingdom hearts and final fantasy) but does anyone prefer looking through the scope of a gun?

  • Be sure to be broad in terms of the games that will be explored for this topic. – BMartin43 4 years ago

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