Are Telltale Games Going About How They Release Their Games in the Right Way?

Telltale Games use an episodic formula to their games releasing each individual episode around 5-8 weeks apart from each other. They’ve obviously had success in the past but should they perhaps look to how Netflix release their television series’ (all at once) and therefore potentially release more seasons every year (many fans are eagerly anticipating the next Walking Dead and Wolf Among Us season).
Could they improve, change, evolve in the wy they do things or are they doing it right making people wait and building their excitement (and possible frustrations, too).
Games that could be mentioned: The Walking Dead (and its 400 Days accompaniment), The Wolf Among Us, Game of Thrones, Tales from the Borderlands.

  • I love all of the TellTale games, yes, some more than others, and I've found the most frustrating thing to be their release schedule. They have so many properties now, including the promising Minecraft: Story Mode. I believe that with so many different series going on at once that they should attempt to release one episode for one property a week. For example: 1/1- Game of Thrones s.1 ep.1 1/8-Tales from the Borderlands s.1 ep. 1 1/15-Wolf Among Us s.1 ep.1 and so on. This schedule (or a bi-weekly) would still give each department time to release a new title, while still giving players a healthy schedule to follow. – G Anderson Lake 7 years ago
  • I agree with G Anderson Lake's point, the release schedule is horrible. I loved The Wolf Among Us but its release schedule almost made me not want to play the game. Telltale seems to get larger with each new franchise they take on and it seems to be effecting how often they can release new episodes for each of their series. – Nathan 7 years ago
  • While I agree with you that the 5-8 week release date gap is very long, I disagree with your idea that they should be released all at once. These games are meant to be more like television episodes than traditional video games. Especially Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead. There is a benefit to the overall experience from the suspense in waiting between releases. Just as one would experience from watching a new television show. Half the fun of Game of Thrones is anticipating the next episode, and having that time set aside in your life for something you enjoy each week. As a society we have been conditioned to want more, bigger, longer. For me, the Telltale games are something fresher than that. I think quality over quantity is a highly undervalued ideal which Telltale games embraces gloriously. – Visenya 7 years ago

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