Are young generations still keen on visiting the theater?

This is a tried discussion, but I want to know about younger generations. Is going to the theater even an exciting or desirable escapade? Will you only make the trip so you can see a hyped film upon its release date? Are art house films only being subsidized by Video On Demand services, and theaters only doing well for Blockbusters?

  • This could be expanded to theatre, as in seeing plays and musicals, or if young people would be ready to got to the theater to watch old films. In my opinion, young people are ready to do any of these things, as long as they are interested in the art but that is the same thing with older generations or adults. – Rachel Elfassy Bitoun 7 years ago
  • I agree with Rachel on this. This topic could be expanded to more than just movies, but also theatre, dance performances, opera, and all different kinds of art forms and cultural things you can see in theatres or participate in. I, as a first year student in an college that is focused on acting and cultural appreciation amongst the younger generations, would very much like to read your article on it. – AyakaHoshina 7 years ago
  • I'm concerned that the communal experience of attending movies at the theater is a fading experience. When I ask my students how they access movies and TV, the majority stream both. – mbowman 7 years ago
  • Here's the thing: I am 26, possibly considered a younger generation (thank you), possible not (well, I...) But it's my opinion that... Some media - such as television shows- has upped the game thanks to the way that different generations consume media. In the case of television shows, an onslaught of monstrously good television has taken over the airwaves. Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, House of Cards. Series are now subject to be released an entire season at a time, changing the way that media is created. I don't think change is necessarily a bad thing: I think it keeps things interesting. – george 7 years ago

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