At the expense of Quality Screenwriting and what's causing it

Dustin Hoffman said it best: Movies are at their worst – and there is a reason for that. In this topic, we shall explore what those reasons are and why it continues to happen in the year 2020 in Hollywood, Bollywood and Tollywood.

  • Are there any specific 2020 releases you want to draw attention to in this topic? – Emily Deibler 2 years ago
  • I don't think I agree with Hoffman's claim. I would need to see some clear definitions (what does "worst" even mean here? worst in what ways?) and solid evidence or examples. It's easy to make a super general claim. Explaining and backing up that claim is where the work starts. – JamesBKelley 2 years ago
  • Whilst I applaud your desire to broaden readers' perspectives by considering film making outside of Hollywood, it would help your topic suggestion by providing some references and context for Hoffman's statement. Where and when did he make that statement and was there a particular film or films that caused him to comment such? How does the output of Hollywood compare to that of Bollywood, Tollywood and, for that matter, the recent interest in Korean cinema, following the success of 'Parasite?' Where, in your opinion, is Hollywood going wrong and where are non-American mainstream film makers getting it right? – Amyus 2 years ago
  • Agreed with Amyus. I would actually argue the exact opposite. Movies used to be dominated by one demographic and now are actually so diverse. Perhaps what Hoffman means is that movies are at their worst for him. – Munjeera 2 years ago
  • I'd suggest explaining a bit about the structure of basic screenwriting and based on what specifics you or anyone would consider a script to be "good" or "quality". I think Syd Field has several good books that might help – hazalse 2 years ago
  • "Movies are at their worst" that is already quite subjective to Hoffman. What defines a movie being good or bad, and if you are to compare the trends in Hollywood, Bollywood, and Tollywood (three diverse film industries) there is a lot to consider. As such, making the topic a little more focused would help. – ajaymanuel 2 years ago

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