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    The Paedophile Next Door and The Woodsman

    I have long detested moral panic and knee-jerk reactions, and with Operation Yewtree uncovering a seemingly endless history of showbiz child abuse, paedophilia is the moral panic of the moment. There are many torrents of bile on Twitter and various comment boards that call for the torture and murder of paedophiles; Channel 4’s recent documentary The Paedophile Next Door inundated the Internet with the opinions of angry, perennially unthinking people.

    When I saw an advert for the documentary, I was immediately intrigued and impressed by the premise, it appeared to have an approach and insight that I thought would be deemed far too transgressive by the television executives who arrogantly believe they know what the entire public wants to see. Then again, this is Channel 4 we’re talking about, a broadcaster whose past programming includes the brilliantly daring Brass Eye paedophile special.

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      There’s no doubt that Ellis knew the book’s content would attract a lot of attention, but considering American Psycho is from the first person perspective of a extremely warped and disturbed man, I think the novel is appropriately abhorrent. Part of what makes the book such a hard read is that the first person narration denies the reader a way out of Patrick Bateman’s rotten psyche.

      Thank you for an interesting read! I’m going to relocate my old copy of Blood Meridian and put it on my summer reading list.

      Blood Meridian: What Makes a Book “Unfilmable?”

      There will be the ranting, uninformed film criticism on the forums and comment boards of the Internet, but there will always be plenty of quality writing out there, the cream will rise to the top.

      Contemporary Film Criticism: A Decline in Standards?

      Very interesting subject. I’d really like to see a film or mini-series adapted from Blood Meridian, I’m sure the right filmmaker could an appropriately brutal adaptation. The up and coming British director Ben Wheatley has reviled me with his skill for grindingly realistic violence.

      Bret Easton Ellis’s American Psycho is more violent than Blood Meridian, surely? Mary Harron’s adaptation was very good despite much of the book’s violence being removed.

      Blood Meridian: What Makes a Book “Unfilmable?”

      Good dystopian fiction is ominously fascinating. 1984 is one of the greatest novels ever written; few books can boast such everlasting relevance.

      The Rising Popularity of Dystopian Literature