J. Bryan Jones

J. Bryan Jones

J. Bryan Jones is a prospective writer-editor in both prose and graphic novel media. He created "Leather Wing Media" and currently lives in Los Angeles, CA.

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J. Bryan Jones

I find it odd to ask this question, though after reading, I understand what you’re going at. Halo 4 toys with that a bit… A lot. 343 has a goal in mind to humanize Master Chief. Losing Cortana is just the first step. Personally, I believe in this franchise, 343, and their story-telling ability.

Halo: Is Master Chief a Good Protagonist?
J. Bryan Jones

Uh, I wouldn’t consider the CAPE cut “before its time.” Frankly, its time was up 20 minutes into the first episode. So bad…

The Era Of Superheroes: TV's Dominating Genre
J. Bryan Jones

Solid examples. I think the Iwo Jima photo belongs on this list also, unless you’re thinking non-domestic.

Photography: Arts Window to the World
J. Bryan Jones

Bad action. Bad overreaction. Bad issue. Bad fix. Hopefully it doesn’t take YouTube as long to get things right as it did when changing the comments system.

YouTube Storm Of Copyright Claims: Who's To Blame?
J. Bryan Jones

Great observations.

Clothes Make the Musical: The Costumes that Coloured Les Misérables
J. Bryan Jones

Tripods looks interesting.

6 Lesser-Known Sci-Fi TV Hits From Across the Pond
J. Bryan Jones

I didn’t have a computer at the time that could run Sims 3, so I got it on the 360. Big mistake. You can’t even make a second family to interact with in there. Just thought it was worth noting. Sims on PC forever.

Anticipating The Sims 4: Things to Get Excited About
J. Bryan Jones

Trifle if I don’t have it, treasure if I do. That’s my thinking.

First Editions: Trifles or Treasures?