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    The impact of Dragon Ball on shonen anime

    Just how influential is dragonball on the shonen anime of today? Hunter x hunter, Fairy Tale, and Black Clover are just a few anime with components that mirror the Dragonball series. Having large casts of characters with superpowers, and different "levels" a character can progress through. Think of all the elements that make up a shonen anime, do you agree that newer shonen anime take from DB? Where would you rank the Dragonball series in terms of influence on the shonen/action genre in anime?

    • I think it would be useful to define some terms here. "Influential" in which ways? Which concrete similarities/differences are visible to audiences in, for example, the storyline? The characters? The setting? And what does it mean to be "influential" and why does it matter? I love Dragonball and I think it would make a very fascinating article if someone could point out how things like the character designs and fighting moves have been emulated and imitated across other series. – Eden 5 years ago

    Character Design in Anime

    This has long been a question, that usually doesn’t get answered because most people don’t really care. Why do a lot of anime characters not look Japanese? Is it because of diversity on screen? It would be interesting for someone to dive in to this topic. Hopefully, appropriately without any negativity or hate. I have my own theories, but I am curious to hear what other fans think.

    • A really good topic to discuss and would be great if you could find some interviewers with creators to include as I am sure this question will have been asked of them at different stages. Perhaps even look at comparisons to others that do depict diversity also. – SaraiMW 5 years ago
    • My understanding is that it's not so much that anime characters "don't look Japanese" per se, as that they have muted racial features in general. The audience members are then supposed to project their own race and background onto the characters. To a Japanese audience member, the character will likely still look Japanese--but to a Westerner, they'll look Western because that's what they're most used to seeing if race is ambiguous. – Debs 5 years ago
    • I think part of the charm with anime is the different art styles and the variety of different characters we are exposed to. The unique and vibrant styles of each individual character is what sets anime apart from other TV shows. It's also fun to see people portray anime in real life, with cosplays and digital art. – chelseaatmaja 5 years ago
    • It is worth tracing a path from the works of Katsushika Hokusai - Hokusai manga (1814). Then looking at the influence of Disney on Tezuka Osamu. This helps to see how the characters have come to look westernised while retaining a unique Japanese aesthetic. – Chris Carter 5 years ago
    • It's great to see any characters design. However it choose who is the beat – GlennMandagi 5 years ago

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    Latest Comments

    Simplicity is something I have to work on. I love words so I always end up typing long sentences. After reading this article, I realize I have A LOT of work to do to improve my writing. Narrative writing and storytelling is more of my thing to be honest. I value original composition, but there are a few analyses I feel I can contribute in the anime field.

    Mastering Writing Skills Through Reviewing the Poem Beowulf

    Well i have 2 thoughts. The first is just on harem animes. They are incredibly and increasingly redundant. I disagree with the claim that most of the girls have low self-esteem. Thats usually not the case at all. There is always a couple that are egotistical. Also, i agree that the MC is usually a recycled bland average joe who usually doesnt even have a distinct personality, hes just nice. Disregarding some of the exceptions you listed, this will indeed brainwash some of the most uninformed male audience that if they just sit back and wait and be nice, then theyll attract the attention of several beautiful girls… LOL.

    My second thought however is just on the harem audience members. I don’t believe most of the harem audience members are lonely and sexually desperate. There is a part of me that can see the good intent in making a plain mc and then showing him get a lot of girls. Maybe some guys would feel better about themselves. In the long run however, its only mental masturbation. Thats not how the real world works
    Good piece.

    Harem Anime and Manga - Expectations vs. Reality

    This is well written. I agree fully. There are many times where the creators of anime will take serious issues and turn them into comedic relief. This isnt just with mental health though….. Im inspired.

    Mental Illness in Anime and Manga