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Television enthusiast, film fanatic and serial procrastinator.

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    Actors Changing Characters

    I recently read an interview with Stephen Falk commenting about the second season of You’re The Worst and he commented that Chris Geere’s character of Jimmy was not intended to be British but the character was specifically altered after seeing his Audition. This surprised me as a Brit because a lot of Jimmy’s humour is so quintessentially British that I thought his character would have had that running through all of the early scripts. So an interesting article could be how much a certain actor can influence changes in their character, a few more examples springing to mind are Morgan Freeman in Shawshank and Mackenzie Crook in The Office. Could be Film or TV.

      Write this topic

      Are More Elmore Leonard Adaptations Justified?

      After the conclusion of FX’s successful drama Justified, what other pieces of Leonard’s work could be adapted for either screens big or small? Could be a Literature, TV or Film article depending your angle!


        Better Call Saul and the Opportunity for More Spin-Off Series

        With Better Call Saul wrapping up its first series to critical acclaim and already being confirmed for a second, it’s clear to everyone that spin-off series are starting to become popular once more. With the Walking Dead already working one, what other favourite series would you like to see receive the spin-off treatment? You could analyse why Better Call Saul was a success, in its differences and similarities to Breaking Bad and suggest potential other series from TV’s current crop. For an added bit of fun, you could also talk about ones you’d have to loved to have seen in the past that may have just missed the boat.

        • I love Breaking Bad, but I have never seen Better Call Saul. I hear that it is really good, and would love to read an article about the show. – Amanda 8 years ago
        • Ryan Murphy is doing American Crime Story. – Arlinka Larissa 8 years ago
        • How I Met Your Mother had a cancelled pilot for How I Met Your Dad and apparently news just broke that Agent's of S.H.I.E.L.D is getting a spin off. Also Arrow is getting another spinoff adding to the DC universe on TV- this is as well as the animated series Vixen which also ties into this universe. – Tyler McPherson 8 years ago

        Where Next for Louis Theroux?

        After his recently aired new documentaries about criminals pleading insanity and transgender kids, what area should Louis investigate next? After a shift in style over the last couple of years to more serious documentaries, do you want to see him continue in that vein? Or revert slightly? What areas do you think could be interesting for him to explore? Or do you think a return to a subject, like he did with the Westboro Baptist Church would be more interesting?


          Where Next for Phil Lord and Chris Miller?

          Having successfully rebooted 21 Jump Street into a successful franchise and helmed The Lego Movie into a one also, the comedic duo are in high demand. Having signed on to write and produce the future installments in the Lego series, while also negotiation a potential Jump Street and Men in Black crossover, they are not actually contracted to direct any of these projects. So what will they do next? You could look at the mass amount of rumours flying around or you could simply suggest a few potential properties that would be interesting to see their kinetic style put to.

          • Cool article, checking out their particular directorial style (use of visuals etc.) might a good basis for the article. – Thomas Munday 8 years ago
          • They have just been contacted to write the Flash sequel as well and currently they are directing or writing (not sure which) The Last Man on Earth TV series. – Tyler McPherson 8 years ago

          Jane The Virgin and Other Series That Have Transcended Their Restrictive Titles

          Having only seen a handful of episodes and being acutely aware of the critical adulation it has received from many sources, Jane The Virgin is a much better show than any show called Jane The Virgin had any right to be. It got me thinking of more shows that had restrictive names and ended up being much better than their titles would have suggested, another example that came to mind was last years Trophy Wife and Bill Lawrence’s Scrubs follow up Cougar Town, which even wanted to change its name in Season 3. Also for a little fun aside, you could have a brief look at shows that didn’t transcend their titles and were just bad all round like Baby Daddy and Gary Unmarried.

          • This could become a kind of "How to" op-ed piece about how to create a cracking Fall season show. – Thomas Munday 8 years ago

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          Latest Comments

          Marcus Dean

          Positives from it then! Some good came from it at least

          Getting to the Airport and Other Actions That TV Completely Misrepresents
          Marcus Dean

          What films/TV get it right? I’m trying to think of more realistic ones

          Getting to the Airport and Other Actions That TV Completely Misrepresents
          Getting to the Airport and Other Actions That TV Completely Misrepresents
          Marcus Dean

          True that! It’s part of the DNA in Doctor Who and it needs to exist within it. And they sort of have fun with it too.

          Gosh, the Main Character Is Dead!? So, When Do They Come Back?
          Marcus Dean

          Thanks for the help in editing Emily, appreciate your input lots.

          Completely agree on those two examples, it’s so utterly eye-rolling in BvS but the slight alteration on it in The Dark Knight Rises actually adds so much to the film, as we’re with him in the struggle and we can see how difficult it is for him.

          Also, great mantra for writing! It’s definitely no fun if all the characters are living un-tormented lives

          Gosh, the Main Character Is Dead!? So, When Do They Come Back?
          Marcus Dean

          Made me consider Weeds and MLP in a new light. Like a good article should, it made me learn something and fed a new interest. Good job!

          Dear Mr. You Dances With Weeds
          Marcus Dean

          This film made me super sad and I think you captured the essence of that. He found somebody, who to his limited knowledge anyway, was unique and then he treated her the same way that he treated everyone else, got her to stamp out the habits he didn’t like and then was disappointed when she turned out to be the same as everyone else. He was and always will be the creator of his own downfall.

          Anomalisa: The Unbearable Monotony of Being
          Marcus Dean

          You won’t regret it!

          Mad Men: Ways Chronology Plays a Crucial Part