Sean Gadus

Sean Gadus

Hi, I am a graduate from the Cleveland State English Department. I am a 3rd year English/Reading teacher. I love watching movies, reading fiction, and listening to music.

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    The Role of Thanos in Avengers: Endgame

    Thanos was a break out character from Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War. Despite being the villain/avenger’s enemy of the story, the film treated the mad titan as a pseudo protagonist. Thanos must go on his own "hero’s journey" to attain his ultimate goal and achieve his dreams/desires. This was an unusual choice for a villain, but was effective in many ways, with critical time spent developing/examining the characters powerful (if twisted) worldview. With this in mind, it is important to examine how Thanos is treated in Avengers: Endgame, Infinity War’s follow up, and to discuss whether Thanos is further developed or if the character now takes the more stereotypical/traditional "villain" role within the narrative.

    • I think it’s important to note how in Endgame, there was no other way but for Thanos to be the traditional villain because his actions had already occurred, thus giving the Avengers a little more advantage because now instead of him risking everything, they had to do the same even though they win in the end. So his role made you think that no matter the outcome, sacrifices and death had to unfold – AccordingtoJazz 1 year ago
    • Thanos has a long history in the original Marvel comics universe where he has moved from out and out villain, to a more tragic figure, even to hero (or anti-hero). It would be interesting to hear more on how the movies drew from this history. – AlephZeroHeroes 1 year ago

    Will Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order be the Star Wars game fans have been waiting for?

    Electronic Arts’ handling of the Star Wars franchise has been notoriously troubled. With controversies ranging from loot boxes for both Star Wars Battlefront games to the closure of Visceral games (working on a first person adventure game with Uncharted writer Amy Hennig), the corporations have been criticized for its mishandling of one of the world’s most prolific brands. The recently revealed Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, a first person action adventure game set in the years after Revenge of the Sith, has brought excitement to many Star Wars and video game fans. With this in mind, will this be the Star Wars game fans have been waiting for? The article could analyze gameplay/demos released so far, information discussed by the developer, and the listed influences for the game to help explain why Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order has so many fans excited about Star Wars video games once more.

    • Interesting topic. Since footage from trailers and demos rarely reflect actual gameplay seen upon release, I think it might be interesting to see whether the game's hype stems more from the footage we've received or whether it's more rooted in the Star Wars brand and not the specifics of the game itself (i.e., are Star Wars fans just excited for ANY quality Star Wars game at this point that they're willing to overlook possible red flags like early access or special additions that cost more, usually for superfluous content like cosmetics). That being said, it might also be worth noting that while the initial release of EA's biggest Star Wars game to date, "Battlefront II," was dampened by complaints about the game's initial lack of content and its lootbox controversy, "Battlefront II" is now considered a successful game and liked by the majority of the gaming community. This has only come after over a year of updates and patches, so it might also be worthwhile to discuss whether Fallen Order will strive to be ready on launch day (a rarity in contemporary game publishing), and how not being ready at release will affect its reception. – CulturallyOpinionated 1 year ago

    What are the benefits and downsides of streaming services?

    Streaming services are changing the way we view media. There are currently several key streaming services (Netflix, Hulu,) and some currently planning services/recently launched services (D.C., Disney). What are the benefits and downsides of streaming services, when compared with traditional cable or broadcast television? Compare the benefits and downsides of both styles of media consumption and creation.

    • One of the most interesting topics relating streaming services, particularly services like Netflix and Spotify, is that these companies are pre-revenue. Just last year, Netflix spent almost 10 billion dollars on content, which is even $2 billion more than they originally intended to spend. Spotify is the same way. They’re spending large amounts of money to gain access to more music, while also trying to grow their subscriber base. Neither of these companies are making money. They are playing the long game. They know in 10 years they’ll have so much content that they won’t have to spend billions of dollars each year—they will already have a ridiculous amount of entertainment to offer new subscribers. I think this is a great strategy, and it definitely benefits the consumer. We are lucky enough to live in a golden age of TV, where high quality programs are being released left and right. Netflix and Spotify are the pioneers of the streaming industry, And I can’t wait to see what each company has in store in the future – shanethewriter 1 year ago
    • One of the benefits of streaming services is most definitely the convenience. There's nothing like the feeling of booting up the Netflix app and watching a movie/show you are invested in from the comfort of wherever you are. There's also the exclusive content that can't be seen anywhere else because other networks didn't want to invest in it. The biggest downside is that nothing lasts forever on a streaming service, not even the exclusive shows produced in house. Netflix's most viewed shows are licensed shows like Friends and The Office, but Warner Bros owns Friends and NBC owns The Office, two networks that have their own streaming services in the works and are currently trying to take those shows off Netflix. Netflix exclusive shows like Sense8 or One Day at a Time, the type of shows that aren't offered anywhere else get canceled because of the lack of viewership. Marvel shows that were Netflix exclusives like Daredevil get canceled because of the emergence of Disney+. There's also the fact that there are a lot of streaming services in the works where it'll get to the point of being just another of cable television – cbo1094 1 year ago
    • One of the benefits of streaming services is easy accessibility. Traditional cable and broadcast television could only be accessed in the one place. At home, in the lounge or the bedroom, or wherever the TV was. Streaming services can be accessed only more than one device, including more than one portable device. Should you have a lengthy break between meetings/classes but not too lengthy that you can leave the building? Whack on the next episode of the show you're binging. The biggest downside to streaming services and in particular to that easily accessible aspect is the addiction that comes along to it. There is virtually no effort in starting a new TV show or movie and that can sometimes distract some from the real work they need to do. – olivialocascio 1 year ago
    • I think that although the convenience of streaming sites is a benefit, it can also be a disadvantage. With so much convenience humans become lazy. Instead of having the fact that there is nothing interesting on TV at a particular time to encourage us to go do something active, we always have an excuse to sit and just watch a screen. – HannahTurner 1 year ago
    • Streaming services, even ones like Amazon Prime Video who still use advertisements, are the next step in the evolution of the television medium. It allows for more personalization of the viewing experience: namely, letting the viewers choose what they watch instead of programming it for them.More importantly, it allows for more controversial, hard-hitting content which the old corporate controlled system prevented. I just wrote a paper on Rod Serling’s legacy in television and censorship. I agree with him that artists shouldn’t be dictated by corporations. They are two different worlds. – KennethMay 1 year ago
    • A downfall of streaming is definitely the issues of acquiring content. The best example I can I think of is Spotify’s spotty content; unfortunately you can’t get every single album or single on Spotify, especially movie albums. This promotes users to spend money on another subscription to somewhere like Apple Music or going out and purchasing the album or single physically or digitally; in some cases purchasing isn’t an option either, creating a rift for the streamer. – roraruu 1 year ago
    • here's a helpful podcast by freakonomics about this for whoever takes this on: – emaglio 1 year ago

    Google Stadia and the pros and cons of a streaming only gaming device.

    Yesterday, after much speculation and rumors, Google announced "Stadia" its streaming only platform designed for gaming. Looking at the announcement that google made, the article would examine the pros and cons of Google’s approach to gaming. This article could examine streaming benefits and downsides, the integration of other technologies (Youtube will be built in to the platform) and the potential benefits and downsides for consumers and developers.

    • I'm surprised that "Stadia" isn't receiving more attention on this platform because the technology is poised to impact several aspects of video game entertainment: playing games, streaming games, watching others play, purchasing games, jumping into other streamers' games mid-play, immediately finding walkthroughs, and many more. I know that one of the main drawbacks being heavily discussed is the potential for lag and latency with cloud streaming, but I don't personally know the specifics regarding the technology and specifications needed to run it smoothly. I do hope someone with more information and understanding of the technology will take on this topic because if it is successful, it's certainly has the potential to change the landscape of video games in some dramatic ways. – Aaron 1 year ago
    • With Google's recent Stadia E3 Presentation, there is a lot more information to add to this potential article.Could also include the ideas about xCloud and Bethesda talking about their cloud capabilities as well. – JagoCarithian 1 year ago

    What Happens to Punisher, Daredevil, Luke Cage, Etc?

    With the recent announcements that The Punisher has been cancelled and Jessica Jones will air its 3rd and final season soon, what will happen to the characters featured in all of Netflix’s Marvel shows? There is an agreement that Marvel cannot use the characters until 2 years after the cancellation of the shows. When those two years are up, will we see these characters reappeared for Marvel’s films or the Disney Streaming Service, or will these characters be completely rebooted?

    • My name is leonard, I’m from New Jersey, I want to share my testimony on how I became a real vampire. Yes, I always wanted to become a vampire because it has always been my desire to be one. And I search links and websites, I even took the risk and search on the dark web, that moment in my life was like a dream come true, There I finally get learn more about it as well, and it was all amazing to me that were i saw a comment and say contact mrs maria and I get instant responses, I followed the terms. I gave a try and it really works out for me, today I’m living testimony, Contact via email: [] in a space 3 days, I got a vampire blood which was sends to me via courier, give it a try and share your own testimony the way i just did thanks and good luck. – benleonard099 1 year ago
    • As reported, the rebooting of X-Men is not on the MCU's agenda for a long while. I would think that if the rebooting is an option they are considering we would have to wait longer than 2 years. On a side note, I am happy that they are at least releasing Jessica Jones season 3. It is a personal favorite for -better- female representation and I'd hate to see it end just like that. – hazalse 1 year ago

    Games That Were Scrapped or Drastically Changed During Development

    Last week it was announced that the development of Metroid Prime 4 for Nintendo Switch would be completely scrapped due to quality concerns and restarted with Metroid Prime Trilogy developer Retro Studios. The game joins a long line of games have that went through multiple versions and studio changes. This includes monumental failures like Duke Nukem Forever (moving game studios and engines multiple times), or the acclaimed Fall Out 3 (move to Bethesday Studios and completely overhauled). This article could examine the successes and failures of these drastic moves and the merits of changing studios/starting over from scratch.

    • Another interesting thing to consider in this is player access to these lost files and whether they decide if they were worthy of being further developed. For example with Bethesda, the Elder Scrolls is notorious for cutting fully developed questlines, options, etc. Players later overhaul these as mods and in some instances, people harass the developer for cutting this content. – Pamela Maria 2 years ago

    Why Can't EA Get Star Wars Right?

    EA is one of the biggest, if the biggest video game company in the world. The company has an exclusive 10 year deal with Disney to make AAA Star Wars video games. Their run has been marred with controversy and critical disappointment. The 1st Battlefront game was launched with a limited amount of content, which drew negative attention from many critics and fans. Battlefront 2 was mired with an enormous loot box/micro transaction controversy, which contributed to disappointing sales (compared to EA’s expectations). EA also cancelled and closed Visceral Studios and its Single Player Action and Adventure Star Wars Game, an idea many fans were excited about. There is now a rumor that another Star Wars project has been cancelled. Why can’t EA make Star Wars, one of the most profitable brands in the world, reach the massive heights that many expected in terms of sales, game output, and critical reception?


      Why Has Aquaman Succeeded Where Justice League Failed?

      Aquaman has been incredibly successful since its release. While many analysts and critics were skeptical of its chances at success, the film has done incredible business, being the repeat number one at the box office for 3-4 weeks. The film is now DC’s most successful film overseas and has the potential to be a billion dollar films (sits at around 800 million currently). What qualities or circumstances have helped make Aquaman so successful, compared to the lackluster Justice League (which was both critically and commercially disappointing for many fans and critics).

      • It is probably one of those instances when people are more interested in an origin tale than an ensemble of superheroes with no background. – AthenDawn 2 years ago
      • Aquaman as a sole hero versus a group of them (Justice League) might matter regarding success. This may be related to the the way a story develops on the screen--it may be easier and more enjoyable to follow one rather than too many heroes. – Joseph Cernik 2 years ago
      • This is just my own observation of the two films. Prior to Aquaman, I would always say that I would choose to watch Justice League over Batman v Superman. BvS was a film that took itself too seriously and lost its comic-book quality. And also, (unless you watch the extended edition) character motivations are questionable. Justice League had a very problematic plot and its special effects were absolutely awful-- but it was able to have fun. That scene when Flash tries running behind a newly revived Superman? EPIC. But it was also a film that could not decide between being serious or comedic and shifts in tone were jarring to say the least. This could also be because of the sudden shift in directors, Snyder to Whedon. Aquaman seems to have a good balance-- the only faults that I saw it have was that it was too long and the inclusion of the Black Manta plotline was not necessary since the more obvious concern was Oceanmaster v Aquaman. Also the special effects are beautiful. Wonder Woman still reigns as the best DCEU movie for me, but I would probably place Aquaman as second or third. – FabiAlejandra 2 years ago
      • I think the star power and marketing had a huge effect. Jason Mamoa has the looks, and even better, he's charismatic, so people will want to watch him. The movie was also marketed as being more silly and not taking itself as seriously as the other DCEU movies. I haven't seen it so I don't know how valid that is within the movie's context.I'm personally a little surprised by Aquaman's success just due to him being a joke in pop culture and most people disregarding him as an actual, or at least useful, superhero. However, considering the success of modern blockbusters, especially with the MCU and DCEU (financially anyway), I'm not surprised general audiences gravitate towards a movie that features a CGI fest of people riding sharks and fighting a war underwater. It's a perfect film for popcorn spectacle and escapism.China apparently also had a lot to do with the movie's box office success. – ImperatorSage 2 years ago

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      Latest Comments

      Sean Gadus

      I miss movie theaters so much. It is a special experience to go see a movie in a theater with dozens of excited people around me. I can never replicate the experience in my own home. It’s never the same to me.

      It’s clear that the model movie theaters have been working off of for the last 10 years is not sustainable. The Video On Demand market and Streaming Services are directly competing with movie theaters and have become more and more successful over the past ten years.

      Hopefully theaters can find a way to exist in some form when the epidemic finally trails off and people are allowed to go back to theaters.

      Life Without Movie Theatres
      Sean Gadus

      I read the Giver with my 7th grade class this year. It is a very powerful book and I am amazed that how well both students and adults can connected and discuss it. There are some powerful and heartbreaking moments in it. i really enjoyed reading your article!

      The Giver: Memory, Meaning and Belonging
      Sean Gadus

      That is a great point! I think that is one of the reasons why season is so excellent. There is a deep connection between the Eleven, Demogorgon, and Brenner. This is part of why Eleven has the most dramatic and meaningful character arc within the first season..

      Analyzing Stranger Things Using James Cameron’s Story of Science Fiction
      Sean Gadus

      I feel like the Mandalorian, planned Cassian show, and other animated television shows demonstrate that more of the future of Star Wars may be on streaming and television rather than film. The Mandalorian, Rebels, and Clone Wars have been some of the best things about Star Wars in the past ten years.

      The Rise of Skywalker Succeeds As A Legacy Film But Illustrates The Flaws Of Disney Era Star Wars
      Sean Gadus

      The Percy Jackson series were some of my favorite books and were great stories following young adults (aging from 12-16 in the five books!), I’d love for them to get another shot at an adaptation that works better than the films did. A 8-10 episode miniseries on Netflix or Hulu would be a dream come true.

      An Analysis into Screen Adaptations
      Sean Gadus

      This is a well written article! I agree that the soundtrack of Breath of the Wild was a risk, but it was refreshing in many ways. The use of nature sounds as part of the soundscape was very effective in a game about a massive, wild world. The score still had some epic moments and tributes to previous Zelda games, but the score feels like a new musical approach for a new era of Zelda.

      Zelda: Breath of the Wild's Musical Rebellion
      Sean Gadus

      This is a really interesting article and the films that were used in articles were well chosen. Braveheart is a really good case study for historical inaccuracies and they affect how opinion of a film.

      How Important is Historical Accuracy in Films?
      Sean Gadus

      I can’t say that I always understand Terrence Malick’s film/filmmaking decisions but he is one of the most interesting directors making movies. His movies are visually stunning and he has examined a wide variety of topics and time periods. The Thin Red Line is my favorite Terrence Malick film. I am also excited for his new film “A Hidden Life”, which seems to have beautiful cinematography and powerful themes. Thank you for the wonderful article!

      The Philosophical Filmmaking Process of Terrence Malick