My real name is Sander Gusinow. I'm a critic, blogger, and playwright just trying to make my way in NYC.

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    What philosophy are you talking about?

    Sexism and Story: Rethinking the Bechdel Test

    Good point. Like in medicine, you gotta run a few test before you make a diagnosis.

    Sexism and Story: Rethinking the Bechdel Test

    Very true. But in movies they often go like:

    Woman A: “That man… I don’t know his deal”
    Woman B: “Here’s his deal, honey (tells her the deal)
    Woman A: “Wow! You’re right!”
    “No! You’re wrong!”

    Sexism and Story: Rethinking the Bechdel Test

    Well, most feminism books are theoretical, meaning they aren’t supposed to have ‘hard evidence’ facts. Locke, Mill and Hobbes aren’t ‘factual’ per se, and yet the United States government is based primarily on their writings.

    If you want empirical evidence of female-media oppression, look at psychiatric data, bulimia, anorexia, rates of depression, the list goes on and on. These data are not present because of intrinsic properties. They are present because of our culture.

    Sexism and Story: Rethinking the Bechdel Test

    I don’t think the test is silly in the least! I’m just saying the test is imperfect because since it’s benchmark isn’t narrative, it doesn’t measure content. This allows films like ‘Gravity’ to fail and ‘American Hustle’ to pass.

    I am very much a feminist and have read Ferber, Nelson, Okin and a whole plethora of articles on the subject. I feel like this essay is in accordance with the current 3rd wave. Do you disagree?

    Sexism and Story: Rethinking the Bechdel Test

    I’ve always seen The Punisher as a modernized versions of Plato’s Philosopher-King. Someone with absolute power, but also the absolute wisdom to use that power. In Socrates’s mind, laws were only for those whose souls were ‘base’ enough to require them.

    The vigilante allure comes from that intrinsic knowledge that laws and rules are for the the weak of spirit. For someone strong of both body and mind, laws are unnecessary. We love putting ourselves in their shoes because all of us, on some level, think we are that wise person to whom laws should not apply.

    Just a thought!

    The Popular Appeal of the Punisher: Violence and Vengeance

    Watching Linda Carter heterosexual back in the day made me realize I was a heterosexual. Getting into the comics made me love Ms. Prince even more. I mean, who can’t fall in love with the heroine that, when asked by her sidekick what turns her on, she replies: ‘Justice’

    I can’t believe the direction ‘Batman vs Superman’ is taking her. She’s basically going to be their sexy martial-arts secretary like Scarlett Johansson in ‘The Avengers’

    So over that movie already.

    4 Vital Wonder Woman Stories: Getting to Grips with the Amazing Amazon

    The problem with ‘Girls’ is that it’s sort of ‘event’ television, sort of like like Mad Men. It’s got a hyper-topical premise but story-wise, they keep having to make up weirder and weirder plot conventions to keep the show moving.

    Dunham created a show that has insurmountable expectations. HBO expects people to watch it because it’s somehow part of the zeitgeist, but I agree with you, it just comes off as foppish if you actually watch and don’t just keep it on in the background like most people.

    Girls Season 3 Premiere Review: Truth is Overrated