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    Inspiration for the Aspiring Author

    What is important and necessary when becoming an author? This topic is about helping others outside of the book store, and keeping the ideas of others fresh. Help those who need help, and inspire those who need inspiring. Sometimes, we can only introspect so far, and need some outside advice.

    • Authors have physical needs too. Sometimes people mistake lack of basic material necessities for a lack of inspiration. My own favourite "inspiration" is probably a decent meal. – albee 5 years ago
    • I think this could focus on the physical needs of authors. I feel that there is enough writing inspiration articles out there. This could focus less on the actual writing, and more on a lifestyle. – jacklynr 5 years ago
    • It's understandable that many writers struggle with inspiration, but I do agree that there are already many articles out there that provide some insight in sparking those inspirational moments. I come across many writers with amazing ideas, but they're still lacking the writing basics. Perhaps there can be a few more articles focusing on that instead. – parketat 5 years ago
    • A decent meal, yes. And add a bottle of wine. – ajforrester75 5 years ago

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    Less is more, and that is a lesson that some of these game developers need to remember. I found No Man’s Sky lacking in content outside of an unlimited amount of planets to explore. For the average gamer, that just is not enough. But, that does not mean its not a good game. Your article did give me many ideas for my search for a different space game, and I thank you.

    Space-based Games and American Space Policy

    Indeed, I found it necessary for a writer to have a sense of hopelessness as an acting force that drives them towards a singular final product. What scares me the most are the countless directions any book I am writing can take, and it does not matter which is the right one, because which ever one I choose will be the one I was meant to write in the end. At least, I try to find comfort in that thought. Very good article, I needed to read that.

    The Neediness of a Writer

    I have had this same thought on my mind for quite some time. Many of my friends have asked me to teach them how to write, but my answer is a simple one.
    “I cannot teach you what must be felt.”
    You can be taught regulations, writing styles, ins and outs, but when it comes down to it, writing is all about the emotion, the singular unique ideas, and the personal experience.

    Can you Teach Someone how to Become a Writer?