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    good write up! I have this one lined up to read. I’ve been enjoying so many of The New 52 books.

    Batgirl #14 Review: Joker comes knocking again
    Common Themes in Psychological Thrillers

    awesome list. the Bond and Hitch blu’s are great investments. I didn’t even mind Prometheus being up there. great article!

    A Cinephile's Blu-ray Wish List, Holiday Season 2012

    this season has been great so far imo. The LaGuerta plot going at a snail’s pace doesn’t really bother me. It will all unfold like it should. I can’t wait.

    5 Reasons to Watch Season 7 of Dexter

    good article! a very good read. I myself am a bit tired of all the retreads, reboots and remakes…but they still seem to be coming at us at light speed.

    Carrie Remake: A Sign of an Approaching Trend

    This looks very cool. Can’t wait. Thanks for the trailer!

    Oz the Great and Powerful Trailer: A Prequel to The Wizard of Oz

    I totally agree! Looking forward to what’s to come…

    Deadpool #1 Review: A Successful Relaunch

    I did! I caught up with it on Netflix. Pretty well put together and very professional looking for a low budget monster movie. Had a Cloverfield meets District 9 feel to it. Gareth Edwards has his work cut out for him but I believe he was a very good choice for Godzilla. We’ll see how it all turns out.

    Gojira (1954) Review: The Darker Side of Godzilla