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    Chauvinism in Comics Fandom

    While there are an ever-increasing amount of female readers/fans in the world of comics and superheroes, there also seems to be a never-ending supply of chauvinist fans who respond to titles such as Ms. Marvel or Batgirl with hostility, often using such charming phrases as "what is this feminist bullshit?" to describe their feelings. In a medium already hyper masculinized what does this behaviour suggest about comics fandom and its audience?
    Maybe also mention attitude toward female cosplayers, creators, and characters.

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      Knowing this really makes fiction writing much more inventive. Every time I find myself using a female character I really think and think and think about that character’s role. There are lines which you try not to cross.

      Women in Refrigerators: Killing Females in Comics

      Between Kamala Khan and Carol Danvers, I personally think Marvel should considering giving her a film. Or if that’s too extreme, certainly a cartoon!

      Kamala Khan: The new Ms. Marvel

      They were trying to play catch-up with Marvel. They were trying to make a shared universe like Marvel. However, they were so determined to not make a superhero movie like Marvel that they made something that is so painfully trying not to be a superhero movie stylistically, that it ends up being everything that people hate about superhero movies, if that makes sense. In trying to bleak in order to distance themselves from the fun of Iron Man (the modern-day quintessential superhero movie) they made something incredibly depressing. In trying not to be colourful, they made something too black. In trying to make something so “down-to-earth” (as in that need to eliminate the heroes “outside underwear”) they made it virtually inaccessible. While there were some interesting themes introduced in the film (which Snyder lifted from Watchmen), the film is unintelligent and unintelligible. The failure of this movie is nailed in even further with the success of Marvel’s ‘Captain America: Civil War’: a movie undeniably similar in its themes, and undeniably better executed than BvS.

      Batman Vs Superman: What Went Wrong?