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    Brandon Stark

    DBZ was my childhood growing up. I ignore GT completely, in my eyes it never happened. It was awful and brought nothing to me, except Super Saiyan 4.

    I watched Battle of Gods and really enjoyed it. It had the old DBZ feel to it. I’ve heard rumors of Vegeta getting his own movie which would be awesome for the fact of him being my favorite character from the series.

    If they bring a new series back I’ll be first in line to watch. People should look up the fan made Dragonball AF series btw. It’s actually pretty good, depending on what you find. I also enjoy Dragonball: Multiverse.

    5 Reasons to Revive The Dragon Ball Series
    Brandon Stark

    Kingdom Hearts for me personally is part of my Top 10 games list. I’m glad you discussed the dark tones. When I first played this game the subjects and themes really wowed me. The Disney aspect was a great move for the game. I enjoyed the fact even though Disney characters were introduced, they presented them in harm’s way and had choices for the characters to make. Great Article.

    P.S. Hopefully we’ll see the third game in the next few years.

    Why Kingdom Hearts is the Crossover of a Lifetime
    Brandon Stark

    I don’t think they’re making a Blade Runner remake. Ridley Scott is discussing a sequel to Blade Runner with Harrison Ford hopefully returning.

    Prometheus 2: The Future of the Alien Franchise
    Brandon Stark

    I recommend reading the original script, Alien:Engineers. It’s a direct Alien prequel but a fun read.

    Also I’m hoping with the sequel that it makes certain elements in the Alien franchise connected as I stated above. Not ruining anything from the first two Alien films but giving nods to certain elements.

    Prometheus 2: The Future of the Alien Franchise
    Brandon Stark

    I have no doubts with Abrams. He is a fantastic filmmaker and will bring back the old style to this new Star Wars movie the fans have been waiting for since the original trilogy.

    It’s so exciting seeing old faces returning in this film as well, besides that I’m more excited to see which direction they will go. The expanded universe has so many stories they can use for this film and since it’s the Star Wars universe, anything is possible. Abrams though can put a new touch we couldn’t see coming that would make it equally exciting as well. I agree with the fact that The Millennium Falcon MUST be in this film.

    I read a rumor that there might be a return to Hoth in this new film, that would be awesome for many reasons, primarily as fans for what occurred on Hoth previously to the new film. If there could be a hint to Boba Fett surviving the events occurring in Return of the Jedi would be a great nod to the fans.

    What I’m looking forward to the most is how the Sith will return. It can’t be a Star Wars film without a light saber battle/mention and appearance of the Sith. The Sith are a huge factor for this universe that they MUST be in this film in some way or another.

    Star Wars Ep. VII: Expectations for our Galactic Journey Returning to the Big Screen
    Brandon Stark

    I recently saw an early screening of the first episode for this upcoming season and can proudly say to fans with all these questions, you will not be disappointed.

    Questions will be answered and more questions will be created. For the sake of the post and for the fans I will not answer any spoilers. I just want the rest of the season to be here already.

    Game of Thrones: 5 Burning Questions And Predictions For Season 4
    Brandon Stark

    I like some of the points you have brought up. I personally do not think they will have The Joker or Mr. Freeze in this movie. I will assume there will be hints of them and a few more villains within the film. I believe DC is trying to set up the Justice League Universe to a point where Batman can have his own films as well as appearing in the possible Justice League films in the future.

    Mr. Freeze would be a good side story to have in a stand alone Batman film. With Joker, that’s a tricky subject. The Joker is the best Batman villain hands down. The problem with this is if he appears in future films he will be harshly compared to Heath Ledger’s performance of The Joker in The Dark Knight. This is not fair to the actor playing this future role but that’s how a large amount of the public will view it and react to the role. It’s a touchy subject, yet, if DC develops this future character well in a future Batman movie they may be able to pull it off.

    I have my doubts for this film for the example of setting up so much hype for a future Justice League as you mentioned above. I feel it will turn into a Justice League film half way through the movie. DC is struggling to get to Marvel’s level in the cinematic universe that they are rushing everything as much as they can. I also question Jesse Eisenberg’s casting as Lex Luthor. No one has seen a trailer so we can’t automatically assume the worst, just have our worries as fans.

    For Batman’s origins, I think have a small conversation mentioning his past with Bruce and Alfred would be the smart direction to go with the Batman Vs. Superman film. If Batman has a stands alone film in the future then that will be the perfect time to properly introduce the origin of what made Bruce Wayne Batman.

    For now it’s best to focus on the current story and developing it so fans enjoy it and be excited for future installments in this hopefully soon-to-be cinematic universe.

    Batman Vs. Superman: 3 Things that can Save the Film