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    I’m watching the new Dracula series and enjoying it. The cast isn’t the best but Jonathan Rhys Meyers is surprisingly doing a good job. I’m just glad, we’re getting the traditional vampire back, instead of glittery vampires. Great and interesting article.

    A Dracula Retrospective: From Devil Incarnate To Tragic Lover

    Thanks so much. Trailers are the only way to get a glimpse of a film so it can be really annoying, and a lot of people do the same.

    10 Misleading Film Trailers

    I understand your point and agree with the exception of the Cabin In The Woods, but the majority of the misleadings seem to be made by the distribution company as a way of marketing instead of an artistic choice and yes In Bruges is amazing 🙂

    10 Misleading Film Trailers

    Thanks a lot. That must be annoying listening to everyones complaints 🙂

    10 Misleading Film Trailers

    I’m not sure about the Amazing Spider-Man, but I remember I could hardly wait for a new release of trailer or footage for the Iron Man 3 and it definitley exceeded my expecatations.

    10 Misleading Film Trailers

    Wow, despite being a fan of Verbinski I had no idea he directed half of these, including Mouse Trap and the amazing Weather Man. I am extremely shocked by The Ring too. Despite your list I am keeping my hopes high for The Lone Ranger 🙂

    The Films of Gore Verbinski: From 'Mouse Hunt' to 'The Lone Ranger'

    Same, most of the trailers I had seen but some of them including Lost In Translation was a great surprise to me too.

    10 Misleading Film Trailers

    I think I’m the only person who didn’t enjoy This Is The End, it seemed too hyper for me. There were some comedic moments but I couldn’t really get past the acting. As for The Heat, two great comedy actresses being in the same film definitley restores my faith in Hollywood comedies.

    This Is the End & The Heat: A Sign of Hope for Comedy