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    Why Creative Nonfiction is the Literary Genre You Are Missing Out On

    Talk about the rise creative nonfiction as a genre and works from it that are growing in popularity. (Such as the novel Wild and its movie adaptation.)

    • It's a vast topic historically and one of the best selling and marketed genres today, so a narrowing of scope; or, perhaps a new historical comparison of varied genres covering the same topic, emphasizing what creative non-fiction brings to the table. – thistle 5 years ago

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    I have only watched an episode or two of this show but your article has made me want to. All of those things make for great stories and it is always a nice change to see a show with women who do not fit into nice stereotypes.

    5 Reasons to Watch Gilmore Girls

    Great article! I like how you point out the important parts of the novel that were absolutely necessary for the rebellion. When reading the books it is easy to get caught up on Katniss and Peeta and the role they play and forget about how a lot of the success of the rebellion relied on other factors.

    The Hunger Games: Five Things That Helped to Bring The Capitol Down

    I have heard this sentiment from a lot of fans recently. I am still watching season 4 and I have been disappointed in the sire bond arc and general inability for the characters of the show to accept Elena. The idea that a character can have an “old” self and a “new” self as totally separate identities is shallow and lacking thought. This commentary is stifling and does not leave much room for character growth, which as you say is one of the better parts of the earlier seasons!

    4 Reasons The Vampire Diaries is Spiraling into Mediocrity