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I watch way too much television and sometimes I like to write about it.

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    Great article. That scene in World War Z might be my favorite on the list. That film had some really great set pieces like that one despite all its many other flaws.

    10 Great Scenes from 2013's Most Forgettable Movies

    Skins UK was so great in the way it captured reckless teenage abandonment. You’re totally right in that the US version could not be as explicit. Without that edge, there was no way it was going to translate with any audience.

    The Best and the Worst of America's Foreign TV Show Adaptations

    Thanks for the feedback. I was referring more to sitcoms with the premise of this article as it becomes much more difficult to name such anti-heroes in the context of comedies. You could counter with perhaps the cast of Seinfeld but people still liked and rooted for them despite their misguided morality. You are right in saying this general rule does not apply as much to dramas though.

    Hello Ladies and the "Michael Scott" Problem

    Good point, but that is part of Stuart’s character. He is hopelessly deluded and naive almost. LA is also a fascinating backdrop and i feel the show has demonstrated the glamorous detachment and loneliness of the city.

    Hello Ladies and the "Michael Scott" Problem

    I look forward to hearing that song every week, definitely a highlight

    Hello Ladies and the "Michael Scott" Problem

    A lot of good points. I am also a little biased because of how much I like Merchant and his work. Stuart definitely has a long way to go but I was encouraged by the signs exhibited in the last few episodes.

    Hello Ladies and the "Michael Scott" Problem