Jon Lisi

Jon Lisi

Jon Lisi is a PhD student who writes about film, television, and popular culture. You can follow his work here:

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    Jon Lisi

    Great article. I feel like Day for Night gets a bad rap for being so joyous about filmmaking and the creation of art, and I’ve spoken to so many people who prefer films like 8 1/2 or Contempt or Stardust Memories because they’re more “critical.”

    But few films are as delightful as Day for Night, and although Godard et al may be more respected by scholars, I always admired Truffaut’s willingness to associate with Hollywood and make movies that were (gasp!) entertaining.

    Portrait of the Artist as Director: Fellini, Truffaut, and Charlie Kaufman
    Jon Lisi

    Great article. Interesting that you use Blanchett’s performance in ‘Elizabeth’ here and I do agree with you, but her return to that role in ‘Elizabeth: The Golden Age’ is scenery chewing at its most obnoxious. I often wonder what she was thinking when she even agreed to do the sequel.

    The Great Screen Impressionists, Part Two: The Cinematic Experience
    Jon Lisi

    Yeah you should definitely check out more of his films as a lot of them are so inventive. Although, as you say, if you don’t agree with his POV, it might be more difficult to get into him. I think those who really love his work share his outlook on life and find humor and comfort in it. Others think he’s just complaining.

    The Films of Woody Allen: All for Nothing
    Jon Lisi

    Interesting. I’d say give more of his films a chance, although if you find ‘Blue Jasmine’ overrated I don’t know what to tell you because most Allen fans consider it to be one of his best.

    The Films of Woody Allen: All for Nothing
    Jon Lisi

    I think each decade he has a few clunkers and then a few masterpieces do I don’t know how you can choose.

    The Films of Woody Allen: All for Nothing
    Jon Lisi

    Agreed and so many others. I marvel at how many great characters he created in Bullets Over Broadway alone.

    The Films of Woody Allen: All for Nothing
    Jon Lisi

    Those are all great choices. Mine would be Husbands and Wives, Hannah and Her Sisters, Blue Jasmine, Bullets over Broadway, and Purple Rose. Which shows how many great movies he’s made.

    The Films of Woody Allen: All for Nothing
    Jon Lisi

    Agreed. Even the so-called “bad” films that I discuss have something worth thinking about.

    The Films of Woody Allen: All for Nothing