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    Fantasy and Historical Eras

    It is interesting to note how certain genres or styles are inexplicably linked to specific eras in history. For example, fantasy video games, movies, shows or franchises such as the Witcher, Game of Thrones, and others are often stylized to reflect Medieval era.
    In the same way, the Steampunk aesthetic is rooted in Victorian England pieces.
    It would be an interesting analysis to explore how Medieval literature such as the Canterbury Tales, Troilus and Criseida, Sir Gawin and the Green Knight and others held fantasy elements in their foundation which laid the groundwork for it becoming a framework for modern fantasy works.
    In the same way, the steampunk elements pulled from the Victorian Era can be analyzed in context of the boom of the industrial revolution.
    What was the path to these connections of era and aesthetic? Where were its modern origins? And what is it about these historical movements in society and literature that made them withstand modernization while preserving these core elements?

    • Great concept, would be interesting to see how this applies to Science Fiction as a look to the future! – PopJ 8 months ago

    One More Time For The Cheap Seats In The Back:The Concept of the Reboot

    Analysis on the joys and failings of the reboot, addressing all female reboots, sequals, or revivals, such as Oceans 8, Gilmore Girls Revival, Twin Peaks revival, etc. It is easy to be swept up in the excitement on nostalgia, but it often doesn’t deliver. Lets look at why we cant always take that fuzzy feeling to the bank, by observing the box office reports as well as the public response and universal criticisms found in most of these films.

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      It can be argued that the Victorian era was the first time the literary world indulged in genre. In the past there was non-fiction, moral fable, and religious, with the latter two sometimes merging into one. Here there was the birth of variety, and enough of it to supply multiple works within each genre. Its a fascinating boom of drama and intrigue and mystery that that took old concepts of storytelling, but adapted them in “modern” ways.

      The Persistent Allure of Victorian Literature

      I genuinely appreciate the delve into not only the societal, but cultural implications that come with this film. As a fan of old movies (including this one) its difficult to watch them and divorce yourself from modern awareness. We can get caught up in the romantization of the presentation and miss the underlying problems. Similar can be said of the cultural stereotypes rampant in films that are often played for laughs, mainly than anyone “foreign” is shifty and untrustworthy, but in presentation of the actual culture and complex identity it’ll be interesting to see the narratives of representation be widened.

      The Quiet Man: A Classic with a Lot to Say

      I really appreciate the diversity of the list, proving that good literature is good literature no matter the age or genre. Any book can be used as an example and guide for good writing or as a balm in crisis, or as an inspiration.

      Books That Will Leave A Lasting Impression on Its Reader