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    Writing Your Own TV Series

    Discuss the joy, frustration, anxiety, etc. of trying to write stories, plays, memoirs, or screenplays to eventually become a pitchable TV show. Or vamp a hypothetical TV series concept and discuss all of the reasons not to commit to writing it. Develop a cast, a location, time period, class, gender roles, ancillary characters or diversified cast, genre, subtext, political/not political etc. Fully commit as if this were something you were going to do, and then do it.

    • This is an interesting yet tough assignment. I think it'd need a certain type of writer. It'd be cool to know if any of our writer's out there are actually making their own pitch though! – Tatijana 6 years ago
    • I have just finished himym and I wouldnt feel like writing anything different, because I really liked it. But writing your own TV series, great idea and good luck with patience to anyone who will give it a try. – nikoletaslezakova 6 years ago
    • I've been working on writing a graphical novel in hopes of turning it into a TV series one day. I must say the idea of pursuing a career in writing/screen writing is rather intimidating for me. I always question whether other people will like my ideas as much as I do. I would love to hear about someone's experience with writing a TV series, even if it's just simple, non-concrete ideas. – Filippo 6 years ago

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    Latest Comments

    I hate watch this show every week. It’s starting to become interesting to me though, and some of the cast is outrageously funny! I’ll hate watch until the finale, as I did with Glee.

    But who knows if I’ll give it a season 2.

    Scream Queens: Sorority Girl Stereotypes

    Games like Dream Fall: Chapters and Life is Strange, provide you with choices. The great thing about Dream Fall is that some of the choices are so entwined that you don’t even realize you’re making a different choice than you could have. But other times, a screen pops up and gives you one of two choices. There are a ton of variables though, so you will only have the same gameplay as x number of players, truly.

    The Life is Strange ending is a choice between two different outcomes so the choice is moot there, in the grand scheme.

    Bioshock and the Illusion of Choice in Gaming

    I love this article, but I too feel as though it is time to ‘let it go’ with frozen. I might wanna build a snowman, but I just can’t help the feelings of joy and disdain as I’m belting out the chorus to ‘let it go’ in the car….if it comes on my iphone…

    I guess we can’t all be winners <3

    Why is Disney Overemphasizing Frozen?