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    Architecture has yielded some of the world’s greatest monuments, evidence of passed and present civilizations. Pharoes, Emperors and Kings made sure to leave their mark in the world. It’s a combination of precise calculations, artistic vision and hard work. What has become of architecture today? Where is it headed?

    • Is this a question of what today's great works of architecture are, or an analysis of current trends and movements, or a look into celebrity architects (starchitects) and their influence on style? – chrischan 6 years ago
    • It can be any one or all of these. I wrote the question this way on purpose. My goal was to keep it broad enough for there to be multiple points of discussion within the same overarching theme of architecture. – nnader 6 years ago
    • This is an excellent question - - as an architect myself, I see myself and my contemporaries grappling with what architecture means, the domain it occupies, and its relevance in an increasingly technocratic society. – SUNANDO DASGUPTA AND ASSOCIATES 3 years ago

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    This article does a great job highlighting the ugly face of entertainment. However, the topic is not unfamiliar to the general population. Everyone knows about the “casting couch”, however it seems that talking about this issue and having serious consequences to these actions have not brought about much change at all. Sexual harassment, rape etc. are still happening everyday. The question remains, will we ever get to a place as a society where women are not objectified, used, manipulated and taken advantage of?

    Sex and Harassment in Entertainment Industry

    I have noticed that trend before and it really bothered me over the years. Knowing that the main character will come back kills the suspense and makes the story very predictable. When a series of circumstances occur and make it that the protagonist has to die, the author needs to commit to it. It is important to note that during the writing process, it is not uncommon for the author himself to get attached to his or her characters and concede to their wish of having the character they’ve developed and got to know and explore, overcome all obstacles.

    Sherlock Holmes: To "Kill Off", or Not to "Kill Off"

    Instead of looking at the costumes as too revealing and objectifying to the superheroines why don’t we see it as empowering? Yes the costumes accentuate their form but shouldn’t women be proud of their bodies and confident in their sexuality? They are portrayed as strong women, with muscles, fighters. Seeing a woman with a physique like that of a superhero in real life, most people would think she’s too muscular, almost manly. I don’t see it that way at all. A woman can have as much muscle mass and strength as a man. I find that showing their bodies is really empowering. They own their bodies, their curves and muscles…and breasts, and are not afraid to show it.

    Female Superhero Representation in Comics