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    Density vs. Girth

    Not quite quantity vs. quality but the application of one wholly, with the artful presence of the other throughout or around it in varying degrees within the same body whether physically or conceptually. Studying the sciences for many years, one can see this idea present in small things such as cells, grain structures within metals and the in the integrity of human cognition and other faculties of the mind. To what extent is this observation true in day-to-day life, art, consumer products? How can this observation or thesis be elaborated, modified or falsified?

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      Educational. To me (and I’m sure to most), sound is the biggest contributor to the immersion into a world that the movie creates. It is true these two types of sound are important and impart different types of messages and sentiments to the listener/viewer. Thanks!

      Importance of Diegetic and Non-Diegetic Sounds in Film

      Personally, I’m not into the slowness of these types of games. However, I do really appreciate games that make one ponder about life, its complex beauty and inevitable tragic moments. I loved the connections between everyday life and the choice events of Life Is Strange.

      A game such as Life Is Strange with enough depth to allow us to engage in philosophical thought to gather new insights into life is a smart game and more should be made like this.

      Life Is Strange: The Illusion of Choice, Part II

      Interesting view about the comic book world. I never saw heroes as being a subject to social health issues such as obesity. It is true they have an influence on pop-culture and personal image like anybody in the limelight could.

      Overweight Superheroes and Supervillains