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    The dangers of Tokenism in Anime

    Analyze why certain characters from certain anime appear to exist for no other reason than a shallow perception of diversity. Specifically when an african american character appears in an anime for no other reason than to show that black people exist in this particular anime.

    • Characters of other nationalities are used in anime to use stereotypes as comedic relief, plot devices or backgrounds. Black characters in particular imply strength, speed, servitude, hipness, gangsters, poor childhood, underdog characteristics. I don't think the Japanese care about diversity in media. – katsucats 6 years ago
    • This is a really important topic given how anime is distributed to the rest of the world, not just Japan. I would look into the sociological basis in Japanese culture to understand how race functions there. – Nicholas Bennett 6 years ago
    • Art reflects life, period. The Japanese are a ethnically homogenous people, who take pride in their cultures and tradition and as such have a dismal view of other ethnicities. White skin seems to be desirable. maybe due to their defeat at the hands of the US, but even white Americans are the butt of many an unpleasant joke. But that being said, one should not incorporate diversity for diversity's sake, lest one wants to ruin the narrative. – RedFlame2000 6 years ago

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    Depends on the outcome of this violence, only when we know the impact that anime violence has on viewers directly will we have an answer

    Violence in Anime: Helpful or a Hindrance?

    Dub when the cast suits the story world, an example of this would be Baccano. However, I do enjoy the works of Japanese Va’s

    Are you a Sub or a Dub?

    Neil Gaiman’s Norse mythology captures eloquently audio immersion. Transportation between the passive role of listener and the active role of the participant has never been easier as Neil places you directly in Asgard

    Audiobooks: Do they Enhance or Diminish the Enjoyment of a Story?