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    Minecraft and the Neoliberalization of Play

    It occurs to me that Minecraft’s encouraging of creativity indicates a movement towards game design which replicates neoliberal fallacies of independent agency and self-importance. Any thoughts regarding the risks of introducing this logic to children? What ramifications does this logic have for play?

    • No Man's Sky is seeking to do something similar, and gamers are losing their minds about it. You create your own story, your own purpose. I think this focus stems from very real life desires to craft your own path and decide what kind of person you want to be. – G Anderson Lake 6 years ago
    • Much has been written regarding whether children's problem-solving abilities are hindered by scripted play activities, such as video games and other forms of entertainment that require adult supervision. When children are left to make their own games - whether they are playing dress-up or interacting with world-building programs like Minecraft - in a collaborative setting, their empathic responses are heightened, because the children must work amongst themselves to create fair rules and solve conflicts. Seen in this light, Minecraft actually has a whole lot of benefits for the children who play it. – Kristian Wilson 6 years ago

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    IMO Journey is the most emotionally affective game to date, by far.

    10 Video Games You Weren’t Expecting To Make You Cry

    The Netflix distribution model is certainly influential but not without its problems for narrative construction and pacing. Many of its shows — most recently Daredevil — suffer from the pressures of creating what is essentially a 13 hour movie. There are some virtues to serialized narratives, and there are some benefits of consuming serialized content in a prolonged capacity. In addition, the streaming revolution risk further aggravating issues of legal content access as more and more networks launch their own a la carte services, as per HBO Go, AMC’s forthcoming service, etc. As networks launch their own proprietary services, their content will disappear from services like Netflix. Suddenly users will be paying $10-$20 per channel if they want to watch its content, a cost which grows unreasonable for users interested only in a small portion of a network’s offerings. Just thoughts. By and large I am all for the turn from cable, I just don’t see it as a productive shift so much as perpetuation of existing issues in new contexts.

    Netflix and Streaming: How Television is Changing

    Though he drifted out of relevance later in his career (as others have noted) it is hard to overestimate Warhol’s influence on contemporary Western (especially American) popular culture. Nice speculative connection between Lonesome Cowboys and Brokeback Mountain.

    Andy Warhol: Innovator of the Selfie, YouTube, Reality TV and Gay Cowboys