Rudi Azank

Rudi Azank

Hi all. I'm an actor & filmmaker, a saxophone player & NYU Film grad. Season 1 of my webseries, an adaptation of 'While Waiting For Godot' was recently released on

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    Rudi Azank

    Really nice article! I read something in the NYTimes about nostalgia being classified as a disease until the mid20th century. Bizarre. I would be quite, quite insane then. Great read!

    Mad Men, The Newsroom & The Power of Nostalgia
    Rudi Azank

    We’re back !! Now there’s a welcomed blast from the past. Brilliant. Great article!

    10 Films That Fed Our Jurassic Park Addiction
    Rudi Azank

    Great read! I’m looking forward to season 2 of Newsroom — the more an episode’s plot is focused on news, the better. But it’s worth hanging in, he may be the smartest mind in television.

    The Aaron Sorkin Experience
    Rudi Azank

    Enjoyed reading your article. Tarantino’s one of the best – I think Jackie Brown may be my favorite of his heroines. Fantastic. Great article!

    4 Evolutions of Women in Quentin Tarantino Movies Roused by the Want for Revenge
    Rudi Azank

    Nice article! To consider Elememtary as a loose adaptation of Holmes does basically eliminate my bias to it — i find Sherlock one of the greatest adaptations of a literary work to a modem tv show keeping the details and nuances of Conan Doyle’s stories. You’ve convinced me that Elementary’s showrunner’s are making a good procedural based on holmes, and to not see it in competition with Sherlock for the better adaptation of Doyle’s brilliant works — though, bear in mind, CBS did first try to hire Steve Moffat to just remake Sherlock for America, and he flat out refused – so though the show’s creative minds are doing good work, the network behind it has less noble motives.

    A Plea for Leniency for Elementary: In Defence of Dual Enjoyment
    Rudi Azank

    I hope Harmon can restore sanity at Greendale, or rather brilliant insanity! I think his unapologetically highbrow references and surreal plot lines are the very elements that made Community so beloved by college crowds and lovers of complex shows like The Wire or Arrested Development. I will miss
    Pierce though, im a long time Chevy fan. Great read!

    Community: What is Going on at Greendale?
    Rudi Azank

    Great selection! Tennant’s run has my favorite stories — I love the Girl in the Fireplace as well.
    School Reunion is a perfect tie in with the old traditions of the series universe. Fun read!

    Top 10 Episodes of Doctor Who Season 1 and 2
    Rudi Azank

    The Trial is a hell of a film. Very daring, a brilliant adaptation of Kafka’s style to a cinematic language. And of course the scrutiny of beaurocracy does have some parallels to the filmmaker’s feelings towards “the establishment”. And if you watch Orson Welles’ Sketch Book (his 1955 tv show), Welles makes many comments about man’s endless battle against fascism and disguised-police states — again similar to The Trial.
    I love Vincent D’Onofrio in Ed Wood — except that Burton had to dub his voice, using the marvelous Maurice LaMarche (Pinky and The Brain) doing his Welles/The Brain impression. You can see D’Onofrio’s subsequent perfected Welles-performance in a short he directed and starred in called “Five Minutes Mr. Welles” (avilable on YouTube) – a nice performance of Welles while he was acting in The Third Man (though the film exaggerates how much Welles backseat-directed Carol Reed’s masterpiece)
    As for Welles’ doomed South American project, there’s a very sad story there — the discouraged Welles down in Brazil was trying to finish It’s All True. Fed up with LA, he was trying to make an honest documentary of the colorful native life of the Ipanemians — but the main character of the story, a local hero and sailor, was tragically killed while he and Welles were shooting a recreation of the man’s heroic sea exploits — the death crushed Orson. This tragedy ended the film’s production, and Welles returned to Hollywood quite defeated.

    Orson Welles: The M. Night Shyamalan of Hollywood's Golden Age?