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    Sherlock: Is the wait worth it?

    Since I first stumbled upon Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss’ Sherlock, I have been a loyal fan of this addicting show. From Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman’s chemistry to the amount of easter eggs and foreshadowing thrown into each episode, fans can analyze every frame until the next season. However, since Sherlock aired in 2010 to now, there’s a grand total of 3 seasons and 9 episodes (not including the unaired pilot) and a holiday special. Understandably everyone from the cast and crew have jam packed schedules, personal affairs that come up unexpectedly, and keeping film locations under wraps can be difficult for shows. How do these two to three year breaks fare in the longterm. Especially with more casual viewers? The new Doctor Who reboot has seen many scheduling changes as well as extensions on its season releases. Another way networks are able to go on hiatus is the mid-season break. ABC shows such as How to Get Away with Murder, Scandal, and Once Upon a Time have adopted this break to reorganize and come back even stronger in the second half of the season. With all these new variations in television breaks and social media interaction with fans, is Sherlock gaining more popularity with its infamous two to three year breaks and passionate fandom, or is it slowly being tucked away in many individuals’ mind palaces.

    • I have been wondering the same thing for myself recently. The first two seasons were exceptional, but after the most recent one, I found myself saying, "Is that it?" Would love to see an article on this – C8lin 7 years ago
    • With the fourth season having ended a while back and the cast still offering hope every time fans make enquiries, it is worth exploring whether such kinds of unintentional breaks aid or destroy a series’ chances. – Dr. Vishnu Unnithan 3 years ago

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    I agree that trailers today have turned into mini movies. Now it is all about catching the audience’s attention, with so many movie choices it really has become a competition to be that “ohh look at that shiny object”. Before fans could analyze trailers for hints or clues about the movie, now we are simply saving ourselves a trip to the theaters.

    Time to Trim Trailers? The Death of Surprise in Modern Hollywood

    This is such a well written and researched article. I love how you included the different views on the houses, and how the incentive of the House Cup made us all addicted to figuring out potions and wand duels. I haven’t checked into Pottermore in a few months, but I hope it changes to benefit everyone at any age. Fingers crossed!

    The Lost Civilization of Pottermore

    Binge watching TV shows and having someone spoil it halfway through is probably one of the worst things. I loved reading this and thinking past just watching the shows.I love the science and psychology behind spoilers and even watching TV shows. Thank you for the article! (:

    Spoiler Alert! The Science of How Spoilers Can Ruin TV

    This is such a great article! I love how as technology advances so does the complexity of the movies and their stories. We’re seeing characters built with so many layers and sides that superheroes become almost like rubik’s cubes that we want to solve. I would have never realized the timeline that comic book movies were on until after reading your article. I really want to go on a comic book movie marathon to look through the timeline.

    The Three Eras of The Modern Comic Book Movie