Authors and Egotistical Personalities: Accu

There is a long-standing stigma placed on authors, especially well-renowned authors, that they are withdrawn and egotistical. It is thought that authors who have made it in the big leagues, by being published and gaining a following and making a living off of writing their thoughts and ideas into grand stories, their ego leads their career where it once was lead by passion. However, is the egotistic behavior that they portray forward a façade for the insecurities and fear of failure that they are sure to face everyday?

  • Are there any particular authors you'd like to suggest that the article should focus on? It would need some examples, otherwise it's too general and an opinion piece. What famous authors seem to have shifted faces once gaining popularity? – Slaidey 3 years ago
  • To build on other suggestions, it may help to examine famed authors who transitioned from an “arrogant” phase to one more defined by generosity and general pleasantness. Also, it would help the topic to define and measure what constitutes an author becoming famed or successful—this will be different with each individual author, so it may help to choose one or two authors from different literary eras. After all, the look and feel of literary fame has changed over time. – James Polk 3 years ago
  • Terry Goodkind may be a good author to focus on if you are talking about egoism. – kerrybaps 2 years ago

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